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Alena Loyter - Mentor, Consultant for Product Development
Grinfer instructor - Alena Loyter, Mentor, Consultant for Product Development

Alena Loyter

Mentor, Consultant for Product Development Business
Created 12 successful products. Strategies, goals, customer research, roadmap, common sense, good questions. Mentor and consultant

I am a Product Manager with 15+ years experience. I was working both for startups and huge companies. I’ve created and launched 12 successful products, helped more than 10 companies to set their product development process, hired and educated scores of product managers, analytics and project managers.

I’m coaching and teaching product managers for:

  • Soft skills, how to survive in the company and be effective
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Product development process, methodologies
  • Stakeholders
  • how to determine and talk to them
  • Product strategies: types and how to
  • Markets: research, how to understand if product is needed
  • Product goals: how to determine, set and track
  • Customer research: quantatitive and qualitative research, UX interview, gathering feedback, data analysis
  • Hypotheses: finding, validation
  • Roadmap: user stories, customer journey, features, requirements
  • How to create tasks for the team: development, marketing, analytics, support so on
  • Tools for product manager: best practices
  • Whatever you want to ask and discuss

This works both for beginners and product managers with some experience, we can try the test product or work with you existing one.

I’m known for my great questions, bringing common sense and ability to explain difficult issues in an easy way.

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