By Nafiul Alam Nayem, Video Editor and Graphic Designer

Wondershare Filmora 9-The Complete Video Editing Course

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My name is Nafiul Alam Nayem, I have over 5 years of video editing experience and I am very much excited to be your instructor. Welcome to the "Wondershare Filmora 9 - The Complete Video Editing Course". This is the best course for anyone who wants to be Video Editor by using Filmora 9. Wondershare Filmora 9 is a super powerful video editing tool & easy to use. You will able to record your computer screen with this software and will able to edit those recorded videos. Not only screen captured videos, you will able to edit any types of video with this powerful editing software. This course will take you from the very beginning to advance and you will become a Guru in Filmora 9. Because I have cleared all the Concepts of video editing with my best technique and analysis. I believe that Your Satisfaction is My Success. Therefore, stay connected for your best result.

What you'll learn ⦁ What Is Wondershare Filmora 9 & How to get it ⦁ Able to edit an entire video from very beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques with wondershare filmora video editing software ⦁ Cut & Delete Unwanted Portion Of The Video ⦁ Import media like images, video camera video, webcam video, audio, or other screen recordings ⦁ Add Logo & Watermark In Video ⦁ Add Different Types Of Transitions To Create A Smooth Cut ⦁ Add Simple Motion Graphics In Video ⦁ Reverse Any Video Clip ⦁ Speed Up & Slow Down Video Clip ⦁ Add Text & Tiles (With Advance Editing) ⦁ Zoom In & Zoom Out Video ⦁ Flip Or Mirror Any Video Footage ⦁ Capture Photos From Video ⦁ Use Of Color Grading ⦁ Stabilize Shaky Video Footage ⦁ Record Computer Screen Easily With Filmora ⦁ Add Subtitle In Video ⦁ Add Hollywood Film Effect ⦁ Make Lower Thirds ⦁ Use Of Crop Tool To Add Super Cool Effect ⦁ Add Special Fire Effect ⦁ Detach Or Remove Audio ⦁ Add Background Music ⦁ Remove Background Noise ⦁ Record Narration (Voice over) ⦁ Fade In & Out Audio ⦁ Change Any Voice From Video ⦁ Convert Any Video To Mp3 ⦁ Blur Any Moving Face Or Objects ⦁ Make A GIF ⦁ Make A Cool YouTube Intro ⦁ Play Multiple Videos In One Screen ⦁ Remove Green Screen & Add A New One ⦁ Create An Amazing Slideshow Video From Sketch ⦁ And Much More

Course overview - 41

  • Welcome For The Best Decision

  • What Is Wondershare Flimora

  • How To Get The Software

  • Software Interface Overview

  • Import Media Files From Harddisk

  • How To Cut & Delete Unwonted Portion

  • How To Add The Title

  • How To Edit The Title

  • How To Add A Watermark In Your Video

  • How To Add A Logo & Image In Your Video

  • How To Use Transitions In Your Video

  • How To Add Simple Motion Graphics

  • How To Reverse Any Video Clip

  • How To Make Your Video Faster or Slower

  • How Can You Rotate, Flip And Scale

  • How To Use Zoom In And Out Effect

  • How To Stabilize Shaky Video Footage

  • How To Capture Photos From Video

  • How To Add Subtitle In Video

  • How To Record Your Computer Screen

  • How To Do Color Grading In Detail

  • Color Grading Process In Super Fast

  • How To Make A Lower Third Very Easily

  • How To Use Fire Effect In Video

  • Use Some Cool Effect- Look like a Hollywood Film

  • Use Multiple Effect In One Video

  • Remove Audio From Any Video

  • Add Background Music In Video

  • How To Add Voiceover In Video

  • Remove Background Noise From Your Video

  • Use Fade In And Out Effect

  • How To Change Voice To Your Video

  • Remove Greenscreen And Replace Any background

  • Make A Cool Youtube Intro

  • How To Create A Slideshow Video Professionally

  • How To Blur Or Hide Any Object

  • How To Play Multiple Videos In One Screen

  • How To Render Your Final Edited Video

  • How To Make A GIF File

  • How To Convert Any Video To Audio

  • Congratulation! We Are Done

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