Windows Command Line (cmd) & Batch Script Management

By John Courtenay, Desktop Support Engineer

Language: English

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One of the many tools that administrators use on a daily basis is the Windows Command Line / Prompt. Over this course, you'll learn the following skills, which are often used in the real world: * How to create, rename, move and delete files and directories. * The different types of file systems and how to navigate between directories * Setting the date and time on your PC using the date, time and tzutil commands * Managing and formatting disk drives using the Diskpart command * Shutting down, restarting and logging off your machine * Viewing and applying group policy information using the Gpupdate and Gpresult commands * Creating batch files and some of the most common commands used within them. * How to access Windows Management Instrumentation database (WMI) information using the WMIC command Whilst there are some differences between versions of Windows, a lot of these commands haven't changed since Windows 2000, meaning that any prior knowledge of this subject, while not essential by any means, would be advantageous.

Course overview - 15

  • Command Prompt Overview

  • Creating Files & Directories

  • Renaming & Moving Files & Directories

  • Deleting Files and Directories

  • File Systems & Directory Navigation

  • Viewing Directory Structures with DIR & TREE

  • Setting Date and Time

  • Disk Management with Diskpart - Part 1

  • Disk Management with Diskpart - Part 2

  • Gpupdate command

  • Gpresult command

  • Formatting Disk Drives

  • Shutting Down, Restarting and Logging Off

  • Creating Batch Files

  • WMIC Command Overview

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John CourtenayDesktop Support Engineer
I've had a passion for technology from a very early age and achieved Microsoft Certified Professional status in 2004. Over the last 5 years or so I've worked on both IT support and infrastructure support and have provided solutions to 1st line helpdesk staff on how to fix basic problems.