By Maria Ebenezer, Serial Event Staffing Entrepreneur and Coach

WhatsApp to eCommerce

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In this course, I will show you exactly how to convert your WhatsApp to a busy eCommerce store that makes sales every single day 4 easy steps

Inside This Course, You Will Discover: - Conversion Tools: The exact 3 things you need to start selling on Whatsapp from today. Once you put these 3 things in place as I show you, boom!!! your Whatsapp becomes a busy eCommerce store.

- A Proven Template: A word-for-word template and proven guide that you can use to drive a traffic 1000 – 3000 ready-to-buy customers to flood your WhatsApp within 3 days.

- 4-Step Practical Demo: A demonstrative guide of the 4 steps to setup your WhatsApp as an eCommerce store and get your target customers to buy from you every single day.

This Course Was Specifically Designed For Any Business Owner Who Wants Crazy Traffic Of Ready-To-Buy Customers Landing On Their Business Through WhatsApp...

... And one of the major reasons WhatsApp to eCom works so well better than anything else out there is because everybody uses and finds it easier interacting on WhatsApp.

So if you’re ready to finally start making sales from your Whatsapp everyday, then go ahead and get the From Whatsapp to eCommerce course

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Course overview - 7

  • How big brands leverage WhatsApp to make massive sales

  • 3 things you need to start making sales on WhatsApp

  • Step 1 - Customize

  • Step 2 - Connect

  • Step 3 - Promote

  • Step 4 - Convert

  • Next Steps

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Maria Ebenezer
Maria EbenezerSerial Event Staffing Entrepreneur and Coach
Maria Ebenezer is a Serial Event Staffing Entrepreneur and Coach. She is the Founder of Emerald Green Ushering Services - Nigeria's premium event staffing agency for West Africa conferences and exhibitions, and Creator of The Event Staffing Roadmap - an online course that has helped African women start and scale their event staffing agencies. She has currently trained over 1,400 young women across Nigeria to become professional event hostesses and hired over 80 hostesses in her agency. Maria is a CREA Global Awards Honoree 2021 and Nigeria's 25under25 Awards Nominee 2018 for professional services. She has been published in international media outlets, including She Leads Africa and Africa Entrepreneurs Social Network (Apreneur). With an educational background in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, she established Emerald Green Ushering Services in 2015, staffing West Africa conferences and exhibitions held in Nigeria for globally renowned organizations in UK, USA, Italy, UAE, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, South Africa and Nigeria, including Global Trade Review, Global Real Estate Institute, International Data Corporation, TMT Finance, National Insurance Commission, to mention a few. To engage Maria for professional services, please shoot an email to