Watercolor Workbook: Paint Flamingo in 6 Different Styles

By Yana Shvets, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Language: English [CC: English]

This course is for you

Discover 6 styles you can paint watercolor in, and try every one of them on example of a cute pink flamingo. It's a fun and actionable course where you learn theory (foundations of each style) and apply it in practice!

Have never painted in watercolor before? Perfect! This class requires no skills to begin with. Every step will be demonstrated and explained. And I guarantee you will paint awesome flamingos in the end!

Styles we explore in this class:

- realistic (how to achieve realistic result but not overdo it; what tools to use)

- impressionistic (how to let go & paint loose)

- alla-prima (what is it and how it is different from impressionistic style)

- illustration (what makes illustration stand out)

- mixed (how mix different tools in one artwork & keep a natural look of it)

- grisaille (understand the foundations of this style and its role in art)


- Materials overview explains the importance of using right art materials for each style. It makes a huge (!) difference. Wrong choice of a tool will make it harder for you to paint in a chosen style.That's why we dive into preparing materials upfront where I explain what style requires which tools.

- Each lesson is devoted to one style. I explain the features of this style and tricks you can do specifically in watercolor to be able to paint in this style

- Each lesson has a slide in the end with key features of a particular style written down. It will wrap up the theory you've learned in the lesson

- And of course we will paint flamingo in each style ;)


- the difference between realistic, impressionistic, mixed, illustration, alla-prima, grisaille styles.

- main features of each style and what makes it stand out

- specifically watercolor techniques you need to use to create in a particular style (you can't use the same techniques if you paint, for example, in oil)

- color mixing rules

- main watercolor techniques: wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, glazing and more

I hope after finishing this course and actually painting in all those styles you will discover your most favorite style which you will establish you artistic path in.

Are you ready? Let's dive in!

Course overview - 7

  • Materials overview

  • Realistic style

  • Illustration style

  • Impressionistic style

  • Alla Prima style

  • Mixed style

  • Grisaille style

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