Watercolor Painting: Cute Birds in Mixed Style

By Yana Shvets, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Language: English [CC: English]

This course is for you

Welcome to a fun and easy yet informative course on how to paint birds in watercolor.  Here we will use mixed style which means you will discover a combination of techniques needed to paint in realistic and impressionistic manner AND learn how to unite those 2 styles in a harmonious & balanced way.

In this course you will:

- discover realistic & impressionistic styles

- learn how to mix those styles and get a natural look of your painting

- learn color mixing rules

- apply wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, dry-on-dry, glazing techniques

- discover how to create volumes and make those birds 3-dimensional

- learn to paint realistic fluffy feathers

- use additional tools like salt and pen

- have fun while creating a sunny artwork with birds!

This course is made for students mostly familiar with watercolor basics, but is still good for beginners as I explain every single step I take. So if you love challenges this would be great for you!

Materials you need for this painting:

- cellulose paper, 300gsm, cold pressed (can be hot pressed too)

- any good quality watercolor paints

- few brushes: synthetic round, natural round, small synthetic pointy brush for details

- pencil, tissues, cup of water, white gel pen, salt

For more details on materials and the alternatives please watch the first lesson inside this course.

Together we will paint adorable yellow birds!

Course overview - 7

  • Materials for this class

  • Let's sketch!

  • Color Scheme

  • First layers

  • New layers

  • Creating depth

  • Final strokes

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