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Watercolor Flowers: Paint Pink Daisy Step by Step

By Yana Shvets, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Language: English [CC: English]

This course is for you

Do you like painting flowers?

Botanical art has a stereotype of being challenging. However hundreds of students who took my botany classes prove otherwise! Painting flowers can be easy and fun, just relax and follow my guidance.

In thise course we will paint a beautiful pink chamomile flower in watercolor.

LEVEL: Beginner.

IMPORTANT: I don't demonstrate how to draw a sketch of this flower.

You can use a reference photo to sketch a flower yourself OR you can download a free outline I offer in this class, print it on paper and paint over. You can as well use a transfer paper to draw this flower using my outline.


- the difference between cold and warm colors and how to use them for a harmonious painting. - how to mix colors using a color wheel and achieve great color combinations. - how to create soft washes without crispy edges. - how to use layering watercolor technique in botanical art. - how to create a realistic 3-dimensional flower, and more!

and more!

Colors You will need:

  • pink color (Magenta/ Quinacridone/ Alizarin/or any cold red color)
  • warm red (Cadmium Red)
  • green (Phthalo green/ Turquoise/ Emerald green/ Cobalt Turquoise/ or any cold green)
  • blue (Ultramarine/ Ceruleum/ Blue Indanthrene)
  • yellow (Cadmium yellow)
  • black

You don't have to have these exact colors, you can find alternative colors in your own watercolor set.

Are you ready to paint a beautiful daisy? Jump in!

Course overview - 6

  • Prepare your paint and palette

  • Let's start painting our flower!

  • First petals

  • Let's deepen the tones

  • Create volume

  • Finalize your work

Meet your instructor

Yana Shvets
Yana ShvetsWatercolor Artist and Teacher
I am a professional watercolor artist, full-time traveler and salsa dancer. I travel the world non-stop since 2015, visited more than 20 countries and lived in more than 7 countries.  Every country is a source of inspiration for my art and also a great opportunity to organize watercolor workshops around the world. I am constantly learning & improving my level, also regularly take workshops from inspiring artists worldwide.  My watercolor style is realistic but I do love experimenting with materials and styles. Style of teaching: Foundations of watercolor is very important. I don't like "play with paints and see what's up" because it leads nowhere. I love to work with people who want to actually understand watercolor as medium and it works, learn the basics, grow and improve the skill. I always provide a strong theory with practical tasks also keeping it easy, slow and fun. I mean, it is still art ;)  Apart from online courses I am happy to offer private consulting on watercolor skills. From my experience 3 hours of one-on-one class give much stronger foundation in watercolor than any group-class-course and allows a person to move forward by him/herself. Private classes are tailored exclusively for your level, your needs, wants and expectations. That's why together we can achieve the best result in much shorter time ;)  During that time I:  - Was group-exhibited in Vietnam  - Won international watercolor competition  - Teach watercolor group classes and private master classes around the world  - Was regularly organizing Art & Coffee events for artists in Chiang Mai, Thailand  - Was hosting weekly watercolor workshops in Thailand during a year  - Developed and hosted Crash Course (watercolor month-long intensive course) in Thailand  - Sell artworks (commercial, private commissions) and prints I am also a founder of YanaTravelArt (personal brand), co-founder of Learn Watercolors Academy (online educational platform for watercolor enthusiasts) and Watercolor Travelers (blog about everything watercolor).