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Vital Synthesis

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This comprehensive course takes a deep dive into synthesis using the cutting edge software synthesizer Vital. Vital is a powerful Wavetable synth that's capable of a plethora of modern contemporary sounds, and the best part is that there is a free version. Everything covered in the course is using the free version and a guide on the different versions and how to install vital is included.

A basic understanding of subtractive synthesis parameters (such as oscillators, filters etc) is assumed, and this course goes straight into the nuts and bolts of sound design in Vital.

We cover all the controls of Vital such as: • Signal Flow • Wavetable oscillators • Multimode filters • Low Frequency Oscillators • Envelopes • Random Modulation Sources • The Modulation Matrix • Effects and more.

There are many different example patches on how to build common types of sounds such as: • Basses • Leads • Pads

Although this course specifically focuses on Vital, many of the fundamental concepts of synthesis and sound design will also translate to other synthesizers with similar specifications.

This course is aimed at intermediate to advanced music producers who want to get up to speed with this amazing synthesizer. So if you are ready to up your sound design game this is the course for you.

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Course overview - 8

  • Introduction to Vital

  • Oscillators

  • Filters

  • Modulation

  • Advanced Settings

  • Effects

  • Example Patches

  • Thanks & Goodbye

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