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By John Duke, Mentor

Visual Selling for eCommerce - like Shopify, eBay and Amazon Sellers - through Visual StoryTelling & Design

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Visual Selling for eCommerce - like Shopify, eBay and Amazon Sellers - through Visual StoryTelling & Design

Course description

The power of imagery has been known for ions. Expressions like “a picture says a thousand words” and fine art fetching millions, is proof enough.

We try not to judge a book by it’s cover, but all other things equal, we’ll pick the most beautiful, or intriguing, or unique, depending.

eCommerce power sellers, like those on Amazon, Ebay and Shopify have long known how powerful images are, so they go the extra mile and take their own product photographs. Meanwhile drop shippers who re-post manufacturer's images, complete with Chinese water marks on them, are shunned and get low sales.

Visual Selling for eCommerce - like Shopify and Amazon Sellers.

But despite being the century of Cinematography, eCommerce seller still neglect the Hollywood style “techniques” available to them.

There’s a lot of psychology of design out there, like the emotions of colours. But still people tend to only talk in terms of copywriting for words.

Well here we are in this course, to set the record straight and to share the power of “visual storytelling” for eCommerce.

By the end of this course you will know how to map out the (Hollywood) Visual Storyboard for eCom products and create your own emotional sequence of eCom product shots.

Look over my shoulder as I brainstorm what theme, plot and imagery to use, to show off the eCom product the most to create avisual selling asset for our Shopify, eBay or Amazon eCom store.

Let’s create something amazing... See you on the inside.

Course overview - 8

  • Lesson 01 - How to tell visual stories in eCommerce visual design - The Movie Poster

  • 02 Setting the scene with our Hero (product)

  • 03 Developing our visual Plot

  • 04 The Battle climax of our story

  • 05 Creating the Film's Happy Ending

  • 06 SUMARY - using our eCom storyboard in situ

  • 07 The StoryBoard template download

  • 99 What next?

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John Duke
John DukeMentor
I'm John, your digital mentor. For over 3 decades I've been an entrepreneur in the fields of Summits, eCommerce, digital training (eLearning) and entrepreneurship. I've made a lot of mistakes in that time, and I wish I had met me back then to avoid them. That's not possible (as my Tardis is having its MOT) but I can share what I know with you, so you can fast track, without making all of my mistakes over again and get to the win much sooner. 1] BECOME A SUMMIT PRENEUR? First off my latest course is on becoming a SUMMIT PRENEUR - check out the course introduction video for some great insights in to why you should start TODAY!