By Richard Dykes, Product Designer

Virtual facilitation with Miro

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As the way we work changes more and more to an online, virtual, remote way of work, the need for tools to replace in-person functions is becoming more important. Enter Miro - a virtual whiteboard that makes collaboration easy! This course will take you through everything from sign up to closing out your first workshop. Come hone your digital skills to make you more marketable, do more fulfilling remote work, and hopefully have some fun!

Course overview - 10

  • Lesson 1: Virtual vs in-person facilitation

  • Lesson 2: The case study

  • Lesson 3: Sign up

  • Lesson 4: Setting up your team

  • Lesson 5: The collaborator playpen

  • Lesson 6: A note on assets

  • Lesson 7: Before the workshop

  • Lesson 8: During the workshop

  • Lesson 9: After the workshop

  • Lesson 10: Final thoughts

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Richard Dykes
Richard DykesProduct Designer
I'm a Product Designer for a global consulting firm, assisting Fortune 500 companies to navigate complex digital trends like AI and Automation by creating human-centric products they and their customers can use. I'm very excited to have you in my class. Feel free to reach out to me with questions around digital product design, experience design and facilitating creativity.