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By Michelle Tabares, Illustrator and Cartoonist

Using Critical Analysis to Improve Your Drawing Skills

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Course description

Every artist that I've known (myself included), has had a desire to do better in their work and go beyond the bounds of their creative limitations. At times this can feel daunting or even impossible, but it's important to remember that drawing is a skill; and skills can always be honed and improved upon. There are simple and practical steps you can take to make your drawings better, and this class will help you do just that.  Most of us already know that practice is an important key to improving any technical skill, but what else can be done to help speed up your learning? This class will show you how to critically analyze your work, harness your observation skills and demonstrate a couple of practical warm up exercises that will help your drawing be the best it can be.  If you're ready to start improving your drawing skills, I'll see you in class!

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Course overview - 9

  • The Benefits of Critical Analysis

  • The Importance of Observation

  • What to Keep in Mind Before You Start

  • Tracing Exercises

  • Demonstration: Using Reference

  • Analyzing Old Art

  • Redrawing Old Art

  • Comparing Drawings

  • Closing Thoughts

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Meet your instructor

Michelle Tabares
Michelle TabaresIllustrator and Cartoonist
I've studied a variety of different creative disciplines ranging from graphic design, creative writing and drawing, but at this time I mostly focus on comics and illustration at the classes you'll see from me are a reflection of that. I'm a big believer in harnessing inspiration from a variety of sources and in the importance of trying new things and pushing yourself artistically. The two things I love most about teaching others is how much I end up learning in the process and the other is the rewarding feeling that comes from helping other artists grow creatively. Non-art things I love with an undying passion include; drinking tea, absurdist humor, taking long walks, thrifting, caring for plants and sharing cute kitten photos with people I love.