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Upwork Proposal Writing Hacks (Simple 3-Steps Strategy With 14 Winning Case Studies)

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Upwork Proposal Writing Hacks (Simple 3-Steps Strategy With 14 Winning Case Studies)

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✅ Are you an Upwork freelancer?
✅ Are you trying Upwork for months and don't get that success you want?
✅ Are you sending proposals one after another and don't get much response?

If yes, this course is for you.

Hey everyone, I am Sagar, a top-rated Upwork freelancer, and an Upwork community guru. In this course, I reveal my simple 3-step strategy to write winning proposals on Upwork. I believe the course content will help you to understand the techniques for writing proposals that work.

In this course you will learn:

1. What is a winning proposal and why most proposals get rejected? What's the phycology behind proposal writing?

2. My proven 3-step strategy which I called the LSD method. You will learn step by step formula of writing winning proposals on Upwork along with 10 winning case studies.

3. All about invitations, dos, and don’ts of invitations and how to answer them with 2 winning case studies.

4. All about screening questions, how to answer them with 2 more winning case studies.

5. And finally, along with the course, you will get a proposal checklist, mostly asked screening question list, and many more tricks and tips which I have learned in my Upwork career.

5 videos & almost 1.5 hours of focussed content derived from my personal experience to help you achieve success on Upwork.

Cheers and love!

Course Overview

  • 1. What is winning proposals & why most proposals get rejected

  • 2. 3 simple steps to write winning proposals with 10 winning case studies

  • 3. All about invitations with 2 more winning case studies

  • 4. How to deal with screening questions fearlessly explained with 2 more winning case studies