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Unlock Your Spine: Twist & Backbend

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Unlock Your Spine: Twist & Backbend

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¨I feel at least 2cm taller¨

That's what most people tell me after my twist and backend Yoga classes. Some people even say  3 cm, haha.

I design all my Yoga class in gradual development, step by step from easy to hard Yoga poses. I teach Yoga to beginners and guarantee changes in their body and mind. In modern life, we spend so much time sitting and rounding forward. So much tension and stress accumulated in the spine, which limits your movement and lungs capacity. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, stiffness, shallow breath, lack of energy... But you don't have to degrade like that as you get older. Reverse that process!

Twist and Backbend in Yoga are very energetic, powerful. Bring youth and liveliness back to your spine. Strengthen your back and stretch the front and sides of your torso. Open your chest out to gain much more lung capacity and breathe deeper!

These are the Yoga classes that make you sweat and feel so refreshed as if you had given yourself a hardcore massage. The Yoga classes that give you visible changes.

You will need: Yoga mat, Yoga Blocks (Optional), Pillows and blanket, Yoga strap or a scarf to be used as a strap.

Enjoy the classes!

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Ha Le
Ha LeYoga Teacher
I'm Ha-My Le. I teach Yoga to beginners and guarantee big changes in their body and mind. I teach Vinyasa Yoga: putting together to make a Yoga class that leads to a purpose. I have defined my Yoga classes as ¨Yoga with benefits¨ where you can learn about your body and how it moves and apply to your daily life. My Yoga classes aim to teach Yoga beginners to understand how the body works, therefore master their body & mind. In each Yoga class, I have a clear theme or goal to learn about the body and how it moves, and also how the mind works. You will understand deeply about your body. I make sure you see progress in: - The Yoga poses or the Asanas, understand them and fit them into your body - Strength & flexibility - Balance skill - Determination & Patience - Body awareness - Concentration - the first step into spiritual practice. What makes me happy in teaching Yoga is to see Yoga beginners, the ¨stiff¨, the ¨weak¨, the ¨injured¨ gain back the control of their body and do incredible things.