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By Chris Barin, Adobe Certified Instructor & Expert

Ultimate Graphic Design: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects

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  • Just about any version of Photoshop. Preferably Photoshop CC. CS6 is fine, but not ideal. Lightroom or Elements are not ok!
  • There will be a few cases where we'll use Adobe Illustrator, but just to copy-paste some resources, nothing more
  • You need a very BASIC understanding of Photoshop.


Please go to lecture 4 to see all the projects included in this course! Hey! I'm Chris Barin, Adobe certified Photoshop instructor, web & app designer, and entrepreneur. This course is a must for everyone that needs any type of graphics for their business or career. This is all about content creation! You'll learn how to create all sort of designs that are very much required in today's digital age:

  • Clickable Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram Posts that will get you tons of likes;
  • Youtube Thumbnails that will get you clicks;
  • Newsletters that will improve your open-rate and click-through rate;
  • CVs (Resumes) that will get you hired or promoted;
  • Business cards that will make a lasting impression;
  • Logo design principles that will leave you shocked!
  • Product Catalogue for sales agents;
  • Indoor Banner Ads for various promotions;
  • Beautiful Cover images for your social media profiles; ... and much more!

All these projects are going to be done in Photoshop, but the great thing about it is you don't need any serious experience with it. As long as you have a very basic understanding of the program, I'll teach you everything you need to know. In case you never opened Photoshop and you have no clue about it, then this course may not be for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Graphic Design and create beautiful content
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who need all sorts of graphics for their projects
  • Bloggers, Youtubers, and content creators in general will benefit tremendously from this course

Related Skills

Course overview - 129

  • Section 1: Discover the World of Graphic Design

  • Download the Course Workbook & Resources

  • Graphic Design - A Down-to-Earth Explanation

  • Activity: Create your first Facebook Ad Design

  • Using Photoshop for Every Project

  • Design Assets Explained

  • Best sources for design assets

  • Optional – Setting up Photoshop

  • Activity: Mix and Match Design Assets

  • What does it take to create beautiful graphics?

  • Section 2: Design a Facebook Cover Project

  • Project Settings & Aspect Ratios

  • Optional: Creating Text Assets From Scratch

  • Selecting Image Assets

  • Arranging the Assets on the Canvas

  • Designing the Cover

  • Typography for the Facebook Cover

  • Fine Tuning the Cover

  • Conclusion

  • Section 3: Design a Facebook Cover Project #2

  • Analyze your assets and options

  • Setting the project’s foundation

  • Creating a neutral background with a noise texture

  • Sizing up the products correctly

  • Creating shadows for the products

  • Fine Tuning the Cover

  • Using vector graphics to create version 2

  • Creative Facebook cover iteration

  • Section 4: Create Clickable Youtube Thumbnails

  • The power of a mockup

  • The Absolute best way to design YouTube Thumbnails

  • Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1

  • Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2

  • Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1

  • Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2

  • Choose your own style

  • Before and After Thumbnail

  • Illustration-based Thumbnail – Part 1

  • Illustration-based Thumbnail – Part 2

  • Personal Brand Thumbnail

  • Text Behind & In Front of you

  • Conclusions

  • Section 5: Designs for Instagram

  • How to Post on Instagram from your Computer

  • Instagram Content Creation Hack

  • Clean Product Presentation – Part 1

  • Clean Product Presentation – Part 2

  • Instagram Mockups – Easy!

  • Inspirational Content – Part 1

  • Inspirational Content – Part 2

  • Black & White Content

  • Food Content

  • Personal Branding – Part 1

  • Personal Branding – Part 2

  • Content Striking Colors – Part 1

  • Content Striking Colors – Part 2

  • Section 6: Designs for Facebook Ads

  • Framing Facebook Ads & Quality Standards

  • Colorful Product Ad – Part 1

  • Colorful Product Ad – Part 2

  • Colorful Product Ad – Part 3

  • Colorful Product Ad – Part 4

  • The question of stock photos & freebies in FB ads

  • Vector Based Ad – Part 1

  • Vector Based Ad – Part 2

  • Vector Based Ad – Part 3

  • Vector Based Ad – Part 4

  • The Pros and Cons of People-based Facebook ads

  • People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 1

  • People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 2

  • People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 3

  • Best Facebook Ad Template – The Foundation

  • Best Facebook Ad Template – The Details

  • Conclusions

  • Section 7: Desing Business Cards

  • Colorful Business card for the CEO – The essentials

  • Colorful Business card for the CEO – The details

  • Colorful Business card for the CEO – Beautiful Icons

  • What do ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ mean?

  • Personal Branding Business Card

  • Business Card Best Design Practices

  • Corporate Business Card – Foundation

  • Corporate Business Card – Icon Design

  • Section 8: Design Beautiful CVs (Resumes)

  • Deciding on a CV style

  • Section 10: Design Great Newsletters

  • Newsletter styles

  • Colorful Newsletter in Mailchimp & Photoshop

  • Create a catchy newsletter hero-element in Photoshop

  • Adding extra details

  • The most important element: the CTA

  • Create effective layouts in Mailchimp

  • Inserting new content in Mailchimp

  • Balancing graphics with content

  • Design overview

  • Section 11: Create Animated Newsletters

  • Create the product presentation in Photoshop

  • Animating the product presentation – Method #1

  • Animating the product presentation – Method #2

  • Create the call to action

  • Creating a gift design for the newsletter in Photoshop

  • Animating the gift box – the lid

  • Animating the gift box – the stars & text

  • Section 12: Graphic Design Analysis with Chris Barin

  • Mazda 3 Launch Ad

  • Travel Agency Templates – Good or bad?

  • Original Design versus Templates

  • Hiring People Through Beautiful Ads

  • Premium Office Building Ad – Shocking!

  • Huge Telecom Company Blunder!

  • 50% for 5%

  • The reason why most designs are cluttered

  • Clichés and Stereotypes in Graphic Design

  • Section 13: Printed Design: Indoor Ad Banner

  • Everything’s about the Style Guide

  • Indoor Ad Banner: Laying things out

  • Indoor Ad Banner: Typography & Layout

  • Indoor Ad Banner: Styling

  • Indoor Banner: Final touches & Conclusions

  • Extras: Create an indoor ad banner mockup

  • Section conclusions

  • Section 15: What you need to know about Logo Design

  • Should you design logos as a freelancer?

  • Creating logos in Photoshop

  • The complexity behind a logo

  • Gathering information

  • Worst techniques for logo design

  • Best techniques for logo design

  • Section 16: Final thoughts

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Chris Barin
Chris BarinAdobe Certified Instructor & Expert
Chris Barin is a professional web and app designer with nearly 10 years of Photoshop experience. He's also an Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Photoshop Expert. By being self-taught, he managed to gain the trust of over 250.000 students from all over the world through his Photoshop courses. A staple of his materials is a hand-on, down-to-Earth approach that focuses on getting maximum results with minimal effort. Chris started out as a freelance web designer and built a loyal client base, earning over $50,000 by designing sites part time. Today, he runs his own Android design studio, 20+ strong, creating fantastic looking apps for clients; his apps have over 100 million downloads to date. Passionate about teaching, Chris teaches because he has been disappointed in the quality of training materials available for people who want to learn design. In his courses, he holds nothing back; he documents and shares his entire experience on how he managed to stand out from the competition and do the work that he loves full-time.     Chris’s courses are some of the highest rated ones in the design category, as well as some of the bestselling ones on the entire platform. Students rave about his fast response time, clear explanations, and overall teaching style. Feel free to send him a message if you have any questions or suggestions for how he can create a better learning experience for you.