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By James Sancimino, Digital Products Marketer

Turn Your Passion into a Facebook Page and Expand Your Horizons!

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Have you ever thought about turning that passion into a Facebook page?

Well, this course shows you how.

First, I show you each chapter as Theory. Next, I teach you each chapter in Practical Steps with screenshots and live, over the shoulder instruction!

Hello! I am James Sancimino. I have been in Internet marketing for 6 plus years now.

Today, I’ll show you practical steps you can use to turn your passion (and/or business) into a targeted traffic magnet on FB, with folks looking for and loving your daily quality content!

I will be launching this soon as Breakthrough - Facebook Pages Traffic.

You get to see it first, here!

I originally started my Facebook page, 'We Love Cats Forever', for fun and also because I love cats! My wife and I have 8 of them! They are our PASSION!

I had no intention of making it into the high traffic, high interaction page that it is now. Then one day, I posted a funny meme that went VIRAL!

So I tried another one... And it did even better!

I knew I was on to something GOOD...

You may be asking, "How does that help me?"

FACT: there are over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook!* FACT: The average US adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook.+ (*According to Statista, July 2020 ; + According to Review42, July 2020)

That’s more than enough time to get them to see your message. Pay attention here...

Let's Face It!

When It Comes To Creating Facebook Pages...

You can spend hours gathering information, only to find yourself frustrated and confused and even bewildered about how to put it all together.

You may be wondering...

What niche do I choose? How do I get people to find my page who are interested in my niche? Do I buy traffic or do I just try to get it organically? How do I find great content for my FB page? What's the do's and don't's of posting to my FB page? How do I boost a post and when should I do that?

YOU will learn the answers to those questions and more in this course!


Course overview - 8

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Free Traffic from Facebook

  • Chapter 2: Taking Action with Facebook Marketing: Research

  • Chapter 3: Taking Action with Facebook Marketing: Set Up Phase

  • Chapter 4: Taking Action with Facebook Marketing: Driving Traffic

  • Chapter 5: Paid Traffic - Boosting Your Facebook Page

  • Chapter 6: Paid Traffic - Boosting Your Facebook Posts

  • Conclusion

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Meet your instructor

James Sancimino
James SanciminoDigital Products Marketer
Hello, this is James Sancimino. I am a digital products marketer with over 6 years experience. I promote digital products online as a vendor and an affiliate. I have created many training videos on the subject and I  get my own continued training from some of the top producers in the industry, like Mike Dillard, for instance. I plan to produce high quality training for all interested and make myself available to help you in your quest to be successful in this industry, as best I can. My first set of lesson videos are actually a preview of a new product I will be launching very soon, called Breakthrough - Facebook Pages Traffic. I hope you will check this out and consider taking this course if you ever wanted to create a Facebook page to use for your business or brand (or even just for fun) that could grow into a high traffic page.