Theosophy Level 2: The Power of Thought

By Gilad James, Researcher of Hidden Knowledge

Language: English

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From ancient times there has always been this eternal question everyone faces. Whenever there is lull in our daily struggle of living we all wonder, who is there within us, thinking and experiencing? This was so beautifully put by Descartes 'I think, therefore I am' and when we do, we realize that there is more to life than just pursing more material possessions or society's approval. That quest to understand that thinking being is the first step towards seeking enlightenment. As we dig deeper, we realize that there is something more substantial within us, which is connected to something even more powerful. Theosophy is a mystical and occultist philosophy seeking direct knowledge of the mysteries of life and nature. Particularly of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe. Theosophy is part of Western Esotericism, which believes that hidden knowledge or wisdom from the ancient past offers a path to enlightenment and salvation. Join me as I unveil one of the most mysterious teachings of our day in the quest for enlightenment, tranquility and permanent happiness without any drugs or pills, only with the power our minds.

Course overview - 31

  • Introduction

  • The Power of Thought

  • The Nature and Effects of Thought

  • Concentration and Meditation

  • The Question of Evil

  • Evolution and Good vs Evil

  • Discrimination and Personal Development

  • The Plan and Purpose of Life

  • Chance, Law, and Choice

  • Theosophical and Darwinian Evolution

  • The Three Waves of Evolution

  • The Wave of Life-matter

  • The Wave of Conscious Life Forms

  • The Wave of Spiritual Unity

  • Individualization and the Group Soul

  • Human Evolution

  • The Seven Rays

  • The Rise and Fall of Civilizations

  • Seven Evolutionary Stages

  • First and Second Root Races

  • Third and Fourth Root Races

  • Fifth and Future Root Races

  • The Ancient Wisdom in Daily Life

  • Freedom of Belief

  • Living Theosophy

  • First Principles

  • Microcosm

  • Evolution: The Law of Unfoldment

  • Macrocosm

  • The Scope of Planetary Evolution

  • The Path of Initiation

Meet your instructor

Gilad James
Gilad JamesResearcher of Hidden Knowledge
Hi :) I hope you'll let me share with you some wonderful teachings. I hold a PhD in Mythology & Occultism from Bircham University. I've been researching different spiritual and religious teachings, ancient and modern texts and the occult for the past decade. I specialize in channeled teachings. These are teachings that were transmitted to people from beings on the other side! I travelled the world in my quest to uncover hidden knowledge. I celebrated the new moon at a witch coven in New Zealand, I witnessed how a blind person begins to see in Mexico and helped ghosts complete their transition in Colombia. Research for me is not only about reading books, it's about people and culture. I uncover hidden knowledge about different planes of existence, enhancing psychic abilities, manipulating energies, how to heal and perform miracles, what happens after death, how to initiate an out of body experience and even extraterrestrial teachings and philosophies. These teachings are timeless and can help us find peace, tranquility and evolve spiritually. My goal in my courses is to help students find that inner peace and expand their consciousness. I hope you'll let me become a friend and a guide to this crazy world of hidden and sacred knowledge.