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By Erfan Talebizadeh, Motion Designer

The Ultimate Guide to Morphing In Adobe After Effects

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Course description

Well, what is morphing? Morphing is essentially a transformation, an animation of an object transitioning from one shape to another. It might look it is hard to achieve it, but in this course, we will learn how easy it is to morph complex shapes to another. At first, we will learn the basics, and then we will recreate a semi-complex animation with the basics techniques we learned. In this course, we will mainly focus on how to break complex animations into easy and actionable steps. you will learn how to create a simple rig for your character, Morph different shapes to another. This course is good for users who already have a basic knowledge of after-effects such as keyframing and working with graph editors.

Course overview - 7

  • What will we do in this course?

  • The Basics of Morphing

  • Rigging

  • Morphing Phone Body To Pc

  • Eyes Adjustments

  • Stand and Rolling Eyes Animation

  • Final Touches

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Meet your instructor

Erfan Talebizadeh
Erfan TalebizadehMotion Designer
Hello. And welcome. My name is Erfan and I am a motion designer for 4 years. During these 4 years, I have had time to work with big clients such as national tv and so many more.  I love teaching and I believe it is a great way to establish what you have already learned and pass your knowledge to those who are interested in learning motion design. Once again, welcome. I hope these courses can help you become a great motion designer one day.