By Nancy Reyner, Professional Fine Art Painter

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

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This course has it all! From Your First Brushstroke to Your Ultimate Masterpiece!

One course - all aspects of acrylic.

Anyone can master acrylic painting with the right skills! In this all-inclusive acrylic painting course, you will learn to achieve a wide range of painting techniques. Gain confidence to create any painting effect, style and image you desire!

Learn from the nation’s foremost acrylic expert and international best-selling author of acrylic painting books, including Acrylic Revolution. As a bonus gift, Instructor Nancy Reyner includes four pdf books at no additional cost with this course. This is a $95 value if purchased separately.

Nancy's professional and easy-to-follow videos show you all the ways to use acrylic - from traditional painting methods such as glazing, stippling, color mixing and dry brushing, as well as NEW contemporary methods such as flinging, pouring, sanding, layering, and hundreds more painting tips to get successful results.

This course can be used in two ways; a do-it-yourself course AND a reference guide. Follow each video in order like a workshop. Use it again and again as a handy resource guide to quickly access acrylic techniques whenever you need to.

Warning - this course may cause extreme side effects such as creative joy and a genuine painting addiction!

Please note this course includes three other courses offered on Grinfer by this same instructor: New & Easy Color Mixing for Painters; Secret Tricks to Pouring Acrylic Paint; and How to Gold Leaf & Acrylic Painting Ideas Over Gold Leaf.

Course overview - 30

  • Lecture 1 – Introduction

  • Lecture 2. Acrylic Paint: A Whole New World

  • Lecture 3. Paint Viscosities

  • Lecture 4. Exploring Acrylic Binders

  • Lecture 5. Acrylic is the Inventor’s Toolbox

  • Lecture 6. Classic-Style Painting with Acrylic

  • Lecture 7. Oil Effects with Acrylic

  • Lecture 8. Perfect Color Mixing

  • Lecture 9. Surface Appeal

  • Lecture 10. Pigment & Paints

  • Lecture 11. Amazing Watercolor Effects with Acrylic

  • Lecture 12. The Truth About Over-Watered Acrylics

  • Lecture 13. How to Make Acrylic Dry Slower

  • Lecture 14. Blending & Soft Edges

  • Lecture 15. Transparency & Glazing

  • Lecture 16. Layering

  • Lecture 17. How to Make Acrylic Dry Faster

  • Lecture 18. Acrylic Painting Made Easier

  • Lecture 19. Pouring Acrylic, Part I

  • Lecture 20. Pouring Acrylic, Part II

  • Lecture 21. Translucency & Atmospheric Veiling

  • Lecture 22. Reflective Paints

  • Lecture 23. How to Save Money

  • Lecture 24. Mixed Media & Collage

  • Lecture 25. Acrylic & Gold Leaf

  • Lecture 26. Important Preparation Steps

  • Lecture 27. Important Finishing Steps

  • Lecture 28. Care & Cleaning of Your Brushes

  • Lecture 29. Pulling it All Together

  • Lecture 30. Conclusion

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Nancy Reyner
Nancy ReynerProfessional Fine Art Painter
Nancy Reyner loves to paint and is equally passionate about assisting other artists. A professional artist and art instructor for over 30 years, Nancy received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Columbia University. She believes anyone can paint - and paint well! Nancy authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, and appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever”. While she has extensive training as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors, she has expertise in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Nancy currently lives and paints in Santa Fe, NM.