The Motivation in Diet

By Mithat Taş, Food Engineer, Healthy Nutrition Coach, Instructor

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Research shows that 70 out of every 100 people give up diet at the end of the first week after starting to diet because of they dont lose weight. - Are you in this group of 70? - Are you one of those who gave up? - Would you like to be one of 30 instead of being one of 70? Hi, welcome to “Keep Your Motivation, Get Rid of Weights” course. I am Mithat Taş, i am Food Engineer, Healthy Nutrition Coach and Professional Instructor. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. If you have enough knowledge about them, you can set up a successful diet list. Setting up and implementing a successful diet list is a very important element for success in diet. However, there is an another important element that will lead to success during the diet. That's motivation. I'm sure you know very well how motivation important before starting diet, during diet or for the success of the diet. Even, I seem to hear you say that it is harder to maintain motivation throughout the diet than losing weight. It is a fact that you have to make a special effort to motivate yourself while trying to lose weight. I have to say that I carefully designed this course with you in mind. At the end of this course you will find that you do not have to constantly motivate yourself throughout your diet. With this course, you will learn how motivation is fitted on sturdy foundations from the beginning to the end of the diet and how to achieve success by locking your brain to the target before starting the diet. It does not matter if you have knowledge or not about motivation, if you wanna lose weight, this course is exactly what you are looking for. In this course, you will learn how to prepare yourself to diet, how to set a goal for a successful diet, how to maintain the motivation during a diet. You will see the mistakes you have made during your diet before, and you will learn which errors you should not do in your diet. And, whenever you want to diet, you are going to achieve the success you want. While watching videos if you get stuck, don't worry! You can rewind, refresh and watch the videos over and over. If you want, you can ask me anytime in the question-answer section. Do not doubt that I will answer you as soon as possible. I have prepared some tables and forms that you will need during your diet and planning your diet. They will make your work easier both your learning process and during your diet. One thing you should be sure about it! You are not alone. We will experience the motivation process together. If you ready, let’s start! Remember; Eat Lovely, Live Healthy!

What will you learn?

- Learn to manage the self-knowledge process by questioning the reasons - What should you do in the process of self-discovery? - Learn to discover yourself to reach your goal - Which method should you follow while setting your goal? - Learn to plan your goal in small steps - Learn to stay motivated while dieting - Learn how to focus on your goal - Should or not keep a Diet Diary? - Learn the importance of physical activity during dieting

Are there course requirements or prerequisites?

There is no need prior health or nutrition knowledge. Whether you have knowledge about healthy nutrition and diet or not, you can easily understand, learn and apply what is explained in this course.

Who is this course suitable for?

- Anyone over the age of 15 can receive this course, both men and women of all ages. - Anyone wanting to learn the truth about nutrition, dieting & meal planning - Anyone with an open mind towards healthy nutrition and dieting

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  • Contents

  • Nutrition Science

  • Face Yourself

  • Discover Yourself

  • Set Your Goal

  • Ready to Start

  • Physical Activity and Diet

  • Keep Your Motivation

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Meet your instructor

Mithat Taş
Mithat TaşFood Engineer, Healthy Nutrition Coach, Instructor
Mithat Taş is BSc. Food Engineer, Healthy Nutrition Coach and Professional Instructor. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Enginnering, Food Engineering department in 2004. From 2006 to 2016 he worked at national and international retail companies like as Maxi Store A.Ş., Kiler A.Ş., CarrefourSA as food quality manager, fresh food sector manager, store manager and regional manager, in Turkey. During his carreer, he worked on food quality control, production of bakery products, production of fast foods, store management, customer relationships and staff training. In 2016, he left the retail sector and created yemekkulubum. com and set up Gıda Müşavirim Freelance Engineering, Consulting and Training Services. He has been providing hygiene audits, certification audits and personnel trainings to food companies with Gıda Müşavirim, since 2016. The aim of establishing yemekkulubum. com was to provide information about healthy nutirition, healthy diet, healthy food consumption, healthy recipes and food safety. Since 2016, he has written hundreds of research articles on these topics on yemekkulubum. com.   In 2018, he graduated from the Healthy Nutrition Coaching Program of Uludağ University and he was qualified to Healthy Nutrition Coaching certificate. He had also consultancy and instructor certification from Kadir Has University. Today; he is personal healthy nutrition coach and healthy nutrition consultant. He helps people to lose weight in a fast and healthy way with the philosophy of “Diet does not have to be difficult! Eat lovely, live healthy”. You can follow his account “asklayesaglikliyasa" on instagram and facebook. Also you can read his articles on mithattas com tr