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By Patrice LeBlanc, Voice Teacher

The Fundamental Voice: Vocal Techniques for Singers

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The Fundamental Voice: Vocal Techniques for Singers

Course description

The Fundamental Voice is a comprehensive course that provides techniques to help singers learn the tools to sing better. Each section of the course covers vocal pedagogy, pdf tutorials and video exercies. Techniques covered include The Breath, Breath Control, Vocal Placement, Mouth Positions, Vowel Modulation, Diction and Stylization. Please book a consultation with me after taking this course to get an evaluation of your progress.

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Course overview - 26

  • THE BREATH: Abdominal Breathing

  • Phrasing

  • Posture

  • Muscle Constrictions

  • BREATH CONTROL: The Suspended Rib Cage

  • The Diaphragm

  • The Smooth Attack

  • VOCAL PLACEMENT: Resonance

  • Forward Placement

  • The Larynx

  • The Tongue

  • MOUTH POSITIONS: The Basic Shape

  • The Jaw

  • Classical Mouth Technique

  • Belt Mouth Technique

  • VOWEL MODULATION: Sustaining the Vowel

  • Dipthongs

  • Voice Ranges

  • DICTION: Consonant Contral

  • Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants

  • Diciton Marking

  • STYLIZATION: The art of singing

  • Interpretation and Coloring




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Patrice LeBlanc
Patrice LeBlancVoice Teacher
 I have been training vocalists for 20 years and developed The Fundamental Voice Course for singers who want to learn the techniques to help them sing better. I have a M.A. degree in Musical Theatre and work as a performer, dirertor and educator.