By Ronald Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer

The Everyday Leader: Part 1 - Being Well-Intentioned

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"A Leader knows the ways, goes the way and shows the way!" Hello and welcome to this course called Being Well-Intentioned, part one of a five-part series on Everyday Leadership. The dynamic world we live in today is riddled with myriad challenges. Understandably, these trials and tests often require a comprehensive set of leadership skills to bring about positive change. Therefore, the need for pertinent Everyday Leadership is both immediate and critical. Everyday Leadership, in simple terms, is the ability to apply a complex set of integrated skills to improve the effectiveness of Individuals, Teams and Organizations alike. And today, thanks to established findings from Science and validated research, we have access to valuable tips and pointers that can help develop one's Everyday Leadership. In this course, we're going to deep-dive into one of the foundations of building Everyday Leadership – Being Well-Intentioned. By the end of this course, learners: will have a clear understanding of what being Well-Intentioned means and its relevance in building Everyday Leadership will access proven tips from Psychology and Neuroscience to apply the skill of being Well-Intentioned masterfully will be able to chart a blueprint for themselves that is focused on enhancing their Everyday Leadership So, thank you for stopping by! I’m positive that the learning from this course will benefit you! Please sign up - I look forward to meeting you on the inside! Have a great day!

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Course overview - 9

  • Lesson 1. Welcome to this Course!

  • Lesson 2. The Sergeant and the Window

  • Lesson 3. The First Foundation of Being Well-Intentioned - Being Proactive

  • Lesson 4. An example of Being Proactive - Meet Daisy!

  • Lesson 5. The Second Foundation of Being Well-Intentioned - Think like a Leader!

  • Lesson 6. An example of Thinking like a Leader - Meet David!

  • Lesson 7. The Third Foundation of Being Well-Intentioned - Build Your Charisma!

  • Lesson 8. An example of Building your Charisma - Meet Daniel!

  • Lesson 9. A synopsis of this Course!

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Ronald Fernandes
Ronald FernandesChief Executive Officer
Ronald Fernandes is the founder of Metamorphosis, a brain-based, Leadership-Development & Corporate Training Company. He is the first Indian to be certified in the Process Communication Model (PCM) and Process Education Model (PEM)  - an award-winning psychological methodology. He is a certified Coach with the ICF. He also holds certifications in Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE-CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and other psychometric tools such as the MBTI, DiSC, TAT, etc.