The Entrepreneurs' Story Creation Guide

By Hannah Hassler, Copywriter & Brand Amplifier

Language: English

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This writing-focused course is a chance to dig deep and really consider who you are and how your personal growth has led to the brand or business you now lead. Take the time to truly think about where you are in the journey - you might get some peaks into what's to come if you're still pretty early in the process!

Course overview - 16

  • How to Use This Course

  • About Kim Hudson's 13 Stages

  • Defining Your Dependent World

  • Feel the Squeeze

  • Dipping Your Toes In

  • Physical Reality

  • Balancing Act

  • Breaking Out

  • Discovered!

  • Turning Points

  • Fallout

  • Testing Your Convictions

  • True to Self

  • Reconnection

  • The New World

  • Integration Your Story

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