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The easiest type of Photography - Smartphone Photography

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Smartphone Photography Create stunning and instagram worthy photos using your phone Rose is a full time Photographer and Entrepreneur. She started her business with a borrowed camera and minimal gear. Now she and her husband run a full time events Photography and Videography business. During her free time Rose loves to create courses and conduct workshop on Photography. In this class she will walk you through the entire process of creating professional looking and instagram worthy photos using your smartphone. The lessons include: -The fun behind Photography -Why lighting is very important -How to plan and get inspirations -How to compose your scene for better photos -How to tell stories using your photos -Smartphone camera setup -Exposure and creating depth -How to take photos using Panorama, HDR and Macro -Editing, enhancing and properly exporting photos for best quality -Sharing your photos This class is perfect for anyone who wants to take great photos using their smartphone, for photographers who want to add to their skillset and absolutely anyone who wants to discover and learn something new.

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Course overview - 13

  • Introduction

  • Why Photography is fun?

  • The most important element in Photography

  • Planning

  • Composition

  • Storytelling

  • Camera setup and settings

  • Exposure

  • Creating depth

  • Panorama, HDR and Macro

  • How to edit or enhance your photos using your smartphone

  • How to properly export your photos

  • Sharing your photos

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Roselle Nene
Roselle NenePhotographer and videographer
About me Why I teach? I believe that education makes the world a better place and our generation is so blessed with the availability of information specially online. Over the past years I have immersed in studying and researching and that’s when I discovered my calling for teaching. I did not want all the learnings to stop with me, I had a strong burden to share it with the world and somehow make someone’s life easier by collating and turning my mistakes, knowledge and experiences into a well organised online course. There is nothing more beautiful than giving and changing a person’s life through teaching. How it all started My husband and I found our passion for photography and videography back in 2013. We joined a team building activity out of town and when we came back our boss showed us a video of the whole trip. We were both so happy to see ourselves in video and we loved the idea that we can keep it forever. That is when we started studying capturing moments in a lifetime. We’ve invested in online courses, books, cameras, editing laptops and other photo and video equipment. It started as a hobby but a lot of friends and family encouraged us to turn it into a business and we did. In 2017 we launched our events photography and videography business. It immediately grew through referrals and repeat customers. We focused on capturing organic moments, creative storytelling and emotion. This made our clients very happy. We evolved from hobbyists to being one of the most in-demand photographer and videographer in our network. This opportunity allowed us to travel to different places (for free), meet and work with diverse group of people, sharpen our skills and live a life we never imagined. It all started with a desire to learn a new skill, actually learning it and cultivating it. If it happened to us I believe it can happen to anybody, even to YOU. More about me When I am not holding my camera, I am with my family and my always curious one year old boy. I spend most of my time being silly with my husband and son, watching movies and strolling outside. I also make DIY flashcards for my son cause I am obsessed with learning and teaching! I also love cooking and planning for our next vacation. During my free time I love to read books to learn new skills, to expand my knowledge and become a better teacher. Just like you I continue to take online courses as well so I can continue to improve and stay up to date. You came to the right place A wise man once said that your greatest asset is YOU so invest in yourself by learning new skills. The good news is there is no limit to it. Add value to others by adding value to yourself through education. My goal is to help you learn efficiently and effectively through my well organised courses (some are still work in progress because I want only the best for my students).