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By Sekhar Metla, Sr. Software Professional

The Complete Microsoft SQL Server from Scratch: Bootcamp by Microsoft Certified Professional

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Course description

Learn SQL, The first step to MSSQL you need to learn to succeed in SQL database application development, it is easy to learn and understand our online MSSQL Training course is designed for you with the complete steps to require to learn real-world dynamic Database. Mr. Sudha Sekhar(MCP) will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you even beginners can understand easily with real-world data science exercises.

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Course overview - 63

  • Course Introduction

  • Course Curriculum overview

  • Overview of Databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server Installation

  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio Installation

  • Connecting to MS-SQL (Windows Authentication)

  • Connecting to MS-SQL (SQL Server Authentication)

  • Overview of Challenges

  • SQL Statement Basic

  • SELECT Statement


  • Column AS Statement

  • SQL COUNT Function

  • SELECT WHERE Clause – One

  • SELECT WHERE Clause – Two

  • SQL ORDER BY statement

  • TOP in MSSQL


  • IN Operator in SQL

  • LIKE statement

  • Overview of GROUP BY

  • Aggregation Function – SUM()

  • Aggregation Function – MIN()-MAX()

  • GROUP BY – One(theory)

  • GROUP BY – Two(practical)


  • Task on HAVING

  • Overview Assessment Test 1

  • Assessment Test 1

  • Solution to Assessment Test 1

  • Overview of JOINS

  • Introduction to JOINS

  • SQL table AS Statement

  • INNER Join

  • Full Outer Join

  • Left Outer Join

  • Right Outer Join

  • Union

  • Basic of Advanced SQL Commands

  • Timestamp

  • Extract from Timestamp

  • Mathematical Scalar Functions

  • String Functions

  • SubQuery

  • Basic of Database and Tables

  • MS SQL Data Types

  • Select Data type on SSMS

  • Create Table on SSMS

  • How to set Primary Key

  • How to set Foreign Key

  • Create Table using SQL Script

  • SQL Insert Statement

  • SQL Update statement

  • SQL Delete statement

  • SQL Alter Table statement

  • SQL Drop Table

  • SQL Drop Table

  • Check Constraint

  • NOT NULL Constraint

  • UNIQUE Constraint

  • Overview of Database and Tables

  • Creating a Database backup using SSMS

  • Restoring a Database from backup using SSMS

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Sekhar Metla
Sekhar MetlaSr. Software Professional
Mr. Sudha Sekhar, He is a Teacher and an IT Specialist, and also passionate to teach every single real-time step that leads students as well as professionals to become successful and the vision to impart Good Quality Software Education to all I.T to aspirants make a strong bridge the gap between the software companies requirements and the beginners.