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Mastering The CAGED System

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What is the CAGED System?

To get the most out of your guitar playing, you need to have a greater understanding of the fret board.

Wouldn’t  it be nice if the guitar was  laid out in a logical fashion? Well guess  what, it is, and in these lessons I’m going  to introduce the CAGED  system.

Understanding The CAGED System will deepen your  understanding of the  instrument in many ways. You'll be able to play  all over the fret board  and see better the relationships between  chords, scales and arpeggios, and see the fretboard’s  inherent logic.

Once  you know your CAGED system Major chords, the next stage it to attach   or ‘layer’ on to them a useful scale. In this case, you will learn how  the Major & Minor Pentatonic scale work logically with the CAGED  system.

Lets then put all this to a practical use.

Armed  with knowledge we will look at examples of how the CAGED system works  in the real world with examples of standard chord progression and the  Pro's would approach them.

Improve your soloing

With  the aid of professional backing tracks you will learn how to combine  both the CAGED system and the pentatonic scales to create great sounding  solo's.

What The Course covers

The course is broken down intro 4 sections. the introduction will give you an overview of the course. Section one looks at the basic idea of the CAGED system and shows you the various chord forms and methods to use. There are 5 backing tracks that you can use to practice the various chord forms used in the sections. Section 2 looks at the Pentatonic scales both Major & Minor and shows you how to combine the pentatonic scales with the CAGED system.

In Section 4 you will learn how to play Major7th, Minor7th, & Dominant7th chords using the CAGED system, you can then pratice what you have learned with more backing tracks with chord progressions that use these extended chords.

By the end of this course you will have a working knowledge of the CAGED system and a greater understanding of the fret board and how to apply the pentatonic scales over the various chord forms.

Related Skills

Course overview - 6

  • What Is The CAGED System

  • Pentatonic Scales & The CAGED System

  • Backing Tracks

  • Extended Chords Using The Caged System

  • Backing Tracks with Extended Chords

  • Lets Review What We Have Learned

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Geoff SinkerGuitar Teacher
Geoff Sinker has a Licentiate Degree In Teaching from Trinity College Of London, and teaches numerous students around the world online. Geoff started playing the guitar at 13, and by the age of 16 he was performing in bands in his local area of Bolton and Manchester. Always hungry to learn and expand his musical knowledge he studied under some of the foremost teachers at the time. He spent the 80s honing not only his performance and technical skills but also his teaching abilities. As well as performing in various rock bands he started teaching in various schools and academies including Kent County Schools where he was employed as their first contemporary music instructor for the guitar. In the late 80s he relocated to London, working in recording studios recording and doing session work during the daytime and playing live in the numerous bars and clubs in the evenings. He also set up his own private teaching company. As his experience working in studios grew he began to record music for advertising and marketing companies, and small radio stations. As well as his teaching role he worked as a session musician recording music for record companies including Virgin Records and Acid Jazz. In the 90s he made the bold step of moving to Florida. Where he focused on teaching, working privately and also in schools in the Orlando region. During that time, he was lucky to meet some great musicians that encouraged him to continue his own personal studies and grow his musical knowledge. As one who loves to travel and see new places he decided that his next stop would be Panama. A great place to learn Jazz and amazing Latin Rhythm. He really enjoyed his time down there and worked some wonderful bars and clubs. It felt like everyone wanted to learn to play the guitar, young and old. Next stop was Dubai. Here he focused 100% on teaching. It was actually in Dubai that he started offering Skype Guitar lessons to students based in the Middle East, now he spends more time in front of a computer than he does in the classroom. His love for teaching and exploring new technology means he can bring new and interesting ideas to his lessons.