By Gaia Valentina Massara, Professional English Teacher, Cambridge and TEFL

The Complete English for Job Interview course | 2019 Edition

Language: English
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Course description

Success your job interview in English, improve your confidence, English grammar and answer job interview questions.

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Course overview - 31

  • How to use the course

  • Get Confident & Get Prepared

  • An Easy Break Down of Your Job Interview

  • Introduction to the STAR Formula

  • S - Situation

  • T - Task

  • A - Action

  • R - Result

  • The Complete STAR Formula Overview

  • Introduction to Grammar

  • Present Simple vs Present Continuous (Common Mistakes)

  • Present Perfect vs Past Simple (Common Mistakes)

  • ING vs Infinitive (Common Mistakes)

  • Future Structures

  • Present Perfect Continuous

  • Introduction to the Job Interview Questions

  • Questions About Yourself

  • Questions About Your Weaknesses

  • Questions About Your Strenghts

  • Questions About Your Past Experience

  • Questions About Your Current Work Experience

  • Questions About Career Goals

  • Questions About Why You Want the Job

  • Questions About What You Know About the Position

  • Asking Questions

  • My Complete job interview

  • Resume Writing Tips

  • Make Your Key Skills Stand Out

  • What to Do and What Not to Do in a Job Interview

  • The Power of Buzz Words

  • The Best Business Phrasal Verbs

Meet your instructor

Gaia Valentina Massara
Gaia Valentina MassaraProfessional English Teacher, Cambridge and TEFL
Hey my beautiful student! My name is Gaia and i am an English teacher from Australia! I am a CAMBRIDGE CERTIFIED teacher with six years of teaching experience. i teach IELTS, FCE, PET, KET, Business English, Job Interveiw Preparation and off course Conversational and General English for all levels. A part from my passion for travel and off course teaching English, i also enjoy writing and reading in my free time, particularly about topics that analyse our society and people ... yes i am completely obsessed with TED too, naturally. Many years ago i decided to live in Italy where i started teaching english in some of the schools in Rome, but i understood straight away that those schools had a terrible defect: "they all used just one single and repetitive method" but i believed that every student learnt in a different way. That's why i opened my very own school in Rome, where i was finally able to freely teach my students in my own way. This experience allowed me to grow as a teacher, as an entrepreuner but above all as a motivational speaker. Yes, beacuse students must be continuously motivated. Living in Italy i learnt first hand what it's like to have to learn another language, therefore my teaching approach is completely based around helping my students overcome the English language jitters and I concentrate on improving confidence and motivation within all my lessons Teaching gives me huge satisfaction, especially when students thank me after i have helped them pass a job interview, prepare for a work presentation, get a certificate like Cambridge or IELTS, pass a university exam, a contest or to get better marks at school. Ok i think you got the point, so..