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By Bahadir Düsendi, Consultant for development activities

The Art of Data - Visualization with a Dashboard

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Course description

In this class I will show you a good way to make use of Excel data to provide a comprehensive look on a dashboard and get the most important information out of a few clicks only.

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Course overview - 10

  • Familiarize with the Data

  • Pivot Table Introduction

  • Creating Pivot Tables

  • Creating a World Map

  • Create Sparkline Part I

  • Create Pivot Charts

  • Format Pivot Chart Fonts

  • Create Sparklines Part II

  • Add individual elements

  • Insert Filters

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Bahadir Düsendi
Bahadir DüsendiConsultant for development activities
Dear Reader, My name is Bahadir Düsendi and I am a M. Sc. graduate in International Economics from the University of Paderborn, Germany. I am a cosmopolitan with international experience and job experience having professional experience not only in Germany but also in Indonesia, China and Mexico for several years.  I am working in an international automotive supplier company conducting consulting activities for our international development teams. The classes I offer are taken from my personal experience, fed with methodologies that are proven to be useful for everyday business life. The focus in my consulting activities is to see a company with controlling focused KPIs, showing transparency and reporting this with adequate techniques to upper management in order to drive strategic decisions. Accordingly, you will find my classes to be either a type of analytics, in the manner of <how to analyze data> or a type of <how to present comprehensibly>. Enjoy my classes!