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By Michael Ricks, Visual Effects Artist, 3D Animator and Marketeer

The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Learning Unreal Engine 4!

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Course description

Get up to speed with a working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 super QUICK and have FUN at the same time!

Course overview - 39

  • Where To Get Your Free Copy Of Unreal Engine 4

  • Let's Take A Tour Of The Epic Launcher!

  • Create Your First Project And Import The Robot

  • How To Create Folders To Organize Your Scene

  • How To Save Your Level (Scene)

  • How To Hide Scene Icons

  • How To Open Different Viewports

  • How To Dock & Undock Windows

  • REVIEW: Remember, The F Key and ALT Key Are Your Friends!

  • Let's Drag & Drop Some Walls Into The Scene!

  • Let's Add Materials To Your Walls!

  • Let's Take A Quick Look At Materials In The Material Editor

  • Unreal Engine's Realistic Lighting System: You're Gonna Love This!

  • Contact Shadows: One Of The Keys To Realism

  • Set Up Your First Point Light

  • That Was Easy! Now Let's Setup A Spotlight!

  • Onward To A Rectangle Light!

  • Cool Lighting Setups!

  • The Sphere Reflection Capture

  • The Skylight: Lighting With HDRI Images (High Dynamic Range Images)

  • Let's Create The Sky!

  • Atmospheric Effects: Let's Start With Fog!

  • Exponential Height Fog: You're going to LOVE this!

  • God Rays! The Holy Grail of Lighting Effects!

  • How About A Little Fire, Scarecrow? Unreal Engine's Amazing Particle System!

  • How To Create Amazing Cinematics In Unreal Engine 4!

  • Here's The Scene We Are Going To Create!

  • Next, We'll Create An Awesome HDRI Environment!

  • Add Your Cinematic Camera To The Level & Sequence

  • Create A New Level Sequence

  • Add Our Robot Mannequin Character & Animation

  • Let's Make That Camera Bad-Ass And Change Some Settings

  • Now We Will Get Some Beautiful Depth-Of-Field!

  • Let's Add Some Camera Movement!

  • Now Let's Add A 2nd Camera!

  • Preparing Our Project For Export: Production Quality Settings

  • How To Export Your Video For Further Editing & Manipulation

  • Video Editing & Color Grading

  • Let's Edit and Color Grade Our Unreal Engine Clips!

Meet your instructor

Michael Ricks
Michael RicksVisual Effects Artist, 3D Animator and Marketeer
Michael Ricks I've been making films and doing visual effects on indie films for over 15 years. When I discovered Unreal Engine 4 I was blown away by it's realistic real-time rendering engine!  I immediately saw that Unreal Engine (UE4) was a game changer and that it had now become possible for a small studio consisting of a few artists to pull off a Hollywood quality feature length animated film!  In the past it would take hours, if not days, to render each frame of an animation, which made it impossible for an independent artist to complete a full length film.  It would literally take years to render all the frames of a movie! All this has changed with Unreal Engine 4 - the playing field has been leveled and it is now truly up to the talents and skill set of the artist/storyteller to create their vision.  No longer will you be held back due to limitations of technology. Join with me as we begin a journey in using this awesome tool-set - I think you will find it not only fun, but extremely satisfying on a creative level.