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By John Duke, Mentor

The 16 essential steps before you reach for ClickFunnels or CopyWriting

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The 16 essential steps before you reach for ClickFunnels or CopyWriting

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By the end of this course, “The 16 essential steps before you reach for ClickFunnels or CopyWriting” you’ll know exactly the type of content you should populate your funnel with.

But that’s not just words, or concepts like features and benefits. What I’m sharing with you here is the underlying, often hidden, messaging, that creates the “emotional connection” with a buyer, that increases conversions and creates loyal repeat customers, because of your honesty and transparency. And the bond you create with them, with your “future story”.

YES everyone, including Russell Brunson talks about “your why” and your “back story”. And sure that is important in its place. But the past isn’t really what people invest in.

In this course we’re going to deep dive in to how to create your future story. And how to create all of the subliminal story that will create more congruent and effective funnels that can become a business, and not just a collection of pages, which may soon die.

You see, people get very excited about funnels. They think that by simply copying a sequence of price points, that they can have the success of their rivals. But of course there's a lot more to it than that! Much of it behind the scenes and working subconsciously in the way everything pulls together, aggregating to be bigger than the sum of the parts.

As you’d imagine, there’s a lot more to it than slapping a headline, image and 2 paragraphs next to a buy button or opt-in form.

In reality, a funnel is not a magic bullet. It's simply a shell that can make things look relatively pretty and glue the pages together. But a series of upsells and downsells, does NOT actually make a business.

Daily I come across people who complain that their funnels are not working. And most times that’s because they can't even get people to buy the front end, let alone their sequence of upsells and downsells. Go figure... (sarcasm alert)

That’s basically because a funnel is only as good as what populates it. But what populates it isn’t just words or copywriting. And it isn’t the font and colour choices. And it’s only partly the imagery used.

Pretty glue isn't enough to make a funnel "sell".

What all of that page content represents, is “the offer”. And an “offer” is a lot more than a description of a product, with features and benefits.

But here’s the real issue. Even the “offer” isn’t enough. What really matters is the “emotional connection” between the potential buyer and the offer. And that connection can often be almost invisible, because it can be hiding in the subtlety, and almost subliminal messaging, that the entire story brings.

So let’s dive straight in to the 16 essential steps before you reach for ClickFunnels or CopyWriting. Lesson 18 (The Golden Goose) is worth the price of the course on it’s own. And if you’re looking to step up your game, lesson 17 will give the most congruent reasons to buy now, than you have ever dreamt of. Priceless? I think so!

Now you decide...

Do you want to slap up another funnel that fails and you don't know why?

Or do you want to deep dive in to the 16 pillars that breathe life in to your offer before you even start a funnel?

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Course overview - 19

  • 01 A funnel is not a business - "Do they already know they want it?"

  • 02 Avoiding commodity thinking

  • 03 Making People Irrationally Passionate

  • 04 Framing Your Proposition and the new style USP

  • 05 Creating an Irresistible Offer

  • 06 Can you create a BUSINESS idea out of this?

  • 07 Can you reach enough buyers

  • 08 Telling your FUTURE story

  • 09 Creating Extreme Clarity

  • 10 Do they understand your offer?

  • 11 Do they LIKE your offer?

  • 12 Do they need to COMPARE your offer?

  • 13 Is your offer CONGRUENT? Avoiding conversion conflict.

  • 14 But, do they trust you?

  • 15 Solving THEIR roadblocks

  • 16 Are they informed enough to buy?

  • 17 GENIUS MOMENT. Is there a reason to buy now?

  • 18 THE GOLDEN GOOSE. Are you maximising your conversions?

  • 19 BONUS LESSON. Outdoing others with our funnels

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