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Teach Like a Champion

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Teach Like a Champion

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Teaching is a very challenging and rewarding profession. It is also one that requires constant updating of skills to keep pace with the ever changing educational environment due to new rules and regulations, changing culture, and new technology.
In this teacher training course you will learn:
1. How to effectively manage your classroom
2. Plan your courses
3. Communicate with students and parents
4. Navigate the challenges of dealing with constantly changing laws
5. Efficiently create and grade assessments
6. Much much more
Many of the topics that are covered in this course are not taught in detail during most teacher preparation programs or are ignored entirely.
I have distilled many years of teaching experience in the classroom along with research from my own master's of education program to bring you what does and does not work well in the 21st century classroom.
Please join the course and help your current and future students become successful in all of their endeavors! 

Course Overview

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Avoiding Disruptions

  • 3. Stopping Student Disruptions

  • 4. Optimal Seating Arrangements

  • 5. Effective Communication Systems

  • 6. Lesson Planning Trips and Tricks

  • 7. Making Awesome Lesson Plans

  • 8. Created Outstanding Unit Plans

  • 9. Strategic Semester Planning

  • 10. Creating Excellent Assessments

  • 11. Effective Grading Strategies

  • 12. Creating Great Formative Assessments

  • 13. How to Create Outstanding Summative Assessments

  • 14. Communicating with Parents

  • 15. How to Deal Effectively with School Administrations

  • 16. Psychology and Staying Motivated Through Adversity

  • 17. Go Out There and Teach!