By Greg Vanderford, Business Consultant

Tax Strategies of the Wealthy

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Tax Strategies of the Wealthy

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Recent Testimonials:

"If you don't know a lot about taxes and how they work, this is a great introductory course which summarizes a variety of tax topics from tax history in the US to credits and deductions. The teacher makes the course approachable and encourages you the entire way. Everyone can leave the course with some knowledge that will help them increase their wealth over time." - Jeffrey Thompson

"Eye opening" - Terence Tan

"This course lays a great foundation for a solid understanding of how to create legal tax shelters and avoid audits." - Vi

The American Tax Code is the longest and most complicated tax code of any country in the world. It currently stands at a mind boggling 20,000 pages and is growing every year. It's no wonder hardly anyone really understands how taxes work!

In this course you will learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TAXES including:

1. How to save money on your taxes

2. How to build wealth in a tax efficient way

3. How to retire without paying any taxes on your income

4. How to avoid an audit by the IRS

5. How to set up your finances to pay nothing in taxes at all!

After years of studying and teaching business, one thing is clear: most people pay too much in taxes.

If you implement what you learn in this course, you will not be one of those people!

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Course overview - 12

  • Introduction to Advanced Tax Strategies

  • A Brief History of Taxes

  • Understanding Marginal Rates

  • Using Tax Deductions

  • Tax Credits

  • The Power of Retirement Accounts and Taxes

  • Foreign Income and Your Taxes

  • Using CPAs and Tax Preparers

  • The Most Powerful Tax Strategies of the Wealthy

  • How to Avoid an Audit

  • Bringing It All Together

  • Bonus Lesson: The Tax and Jobs Cuts Act Update

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Greg Vanderford
Greg VanderfordBusiness Consultant
Hello. My name is Greg Vanderford and I'm a passionate business consultant and teacher. I have spent my entire career learning about, teaching, and practicing business management, sales, public speaking, training, and strategic planning and analysis. My mission is to have a huge impact on my clients by helping them achieve both their short and long term goals in business and life. Whether my client is an individual or large organization, I am passionately committed to their achievement because I believe that our happiness in life, in large part, is derived by what we either individually or collectively achieve through our work, and that building and strengthening positive relationships with all stakeholders throughout the process is one of the keys to success. I hope that you and your organization will choose to benefit from my passion, skill, and experience. Thank you.