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By Benjamin Dudding, Music Producer

Synthesis 101 with Logic Retro Synth

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Course description

This course takes a deep dive into the fundamental concepts and building blocks behind synthesis. We cover all the common forms of synthesis so this is a great introduction for beginners. We are focusing on using Logic’s Retro Synth, but the concepts will transfer to pretty much any hardware or software synthesizer out there. We cover: • The fundamental concepts about sound • The building blocks of synthesis • The history and theory behind the most common forms of synthesis Throughout the course concepts are explained with animations, so you can visualise what is happening with the sound. There’s also many different example patches on how to build common types of sounds such as: • Basses • Leads & • Pads So if you are ready to become a synth ninja this is the course for you.

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Course overview - 5

  • 01_Introduction to Synthesis

  • Building Blocks of Subtractive Synthesis

  • Wavetable Synthesis

  • FM Synthesis

  • Outro

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