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Synthesis 101: Ableton Live

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In this course you will learn the principles behind the most common forms of synthesis using Ableton's 'Analog' and 'Operator' synthesizers. Most of the content covered is transferable to other synthesizers so you’ll be a synth ninja before you know it! If you are a beginner and are intimidated by all those knobs and controls on synthesisers, or if you have been making music for a while but want to be able to move beyond the presets and create your own sounds then this is the course for you! We look step by step at all the controls in  'Analog' & 'Operator' and explain the fundamental concepts behind synthesis using visual animation so you can really understand what it is you are doing. There’s also practical example patches demonstrating how you can design common types of sounds such as basses, leads and pads. So are you ready? Lets get into it!

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  • Introduction to Synthesis

  • Subtractive Synthesis

  • FM Synthesis

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