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By John Duke, Mentor

Summit Success 101 - Leveraging SUMMITS and how to monetise them

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Use the impact of "event marketing" and create deep authority by leveraging the power of SUMMITS. 

People who want to be at the "top of their game" attend summits. Now you have a unique opportunity to become a thought leader and assert your own authority, through creating on-line summits. You can be one of the experts, or simply be an organiser or a reporter.

The job of a SummitPreneur is simply to organise an event and promote. And then the rewards for doing so, can be huge. Both in status and in business terms.

I'll take you through all of the Summit models, how much content you will need, what sort of content, and what a Summit "strategy" is.

Also learn the (ethical) "sneaky" summit monetisation trick and how to cure the problem that summits create, and make summits even more profitable for you in the process.


Inside you see how the average first monetisation for a summit is $100. 

Then I take you through the SINGLE STEP promotion that should be all you need to do, which is effectively FREE. If that isn't enough I show you how to get 3000 people to learn about your summit for the grand sum of ten dollars. Not exactly a huge amount :-)

Now do the maths! IF even only 1000 convert to buy the first offer, then you have a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS. And that's the first part of the first event.

And if a 1000 paying attendees sounds like a lot, I already mentioned that you can get 3000 people to learn of your summit for just $10. Still not a huge amount...

Inside I show you how to create a SMART FUNNEL and then in the second course how to make that evergreen. And that's just for one summit topic.

Of course you need to pick a summit topic that people want and whom you can reach. We already cover the latter inside course 1. In course 3 in this series, we'll deep dive in to research and testing if you still need help. 


I explain this in the video above and in more depth inside. You can run a summit form only 2 people. i.e. you and a mate. Sure there is a sweet spot and premium speakers will create a more irresistible event. But even that is doable with 10 days work (5 reach-outs per day i.e. by email).

Technically all the hassles are gone. You can RENT a summit platform now with all the work done. If you can type an email, you can put on a summit, technically.


Short answer, if you follow the plan inside and put the work in, there should be no reason why not, so long as you picked a good topic, with an audience you can reach, or borrow access to. Inside I give you a huge insight in to what that kind of topic should be. In the third course in this series, we'll go deep down in to topic ideas and research, if you still need help. 

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Course overview - 7

  • What even is a Summit?

  • Meet the Summit Players in Google's eyes

  • Introducing the Easy Summit

  • Discover 5 different summit models and how many speakers each takes

  • What to do about Summit Content ?

  • The money behind monetisation

  • Monetising your summit the smart way

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John Duke
John DukeMentor
I'm John, your digital mentor. For over 3 decades I've been an entrepreneur in the fields of Summits, eCommerce, digital training (eLearning) and entrepreneurship. I've made a lot of mistakes in that time, and I wish I had met me back then to avoid them. That's not possible (as my Tardis is having its MOT) but I can share what I know with you, so you can fast track, without making all of my mistakes over again and get to the win much sooner. 1] BECOME A SUMMIT PRENEUR? First off my latest course is on becoming a SUMMIT PRENEUR - check out the course introduction video for some great insights in to why you should start TODAY!