By Phil Cicio, Professional and Personal Development Trainer

Succeeding as a First-Time Manager

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Discover the essential leadership traits and master proven management skills to become a successful manager!

As a first-time manager or new supervisor, you are probably looking for ways to improve your management skills and be a great team leader, so you can create highly engaged and empowered team members. I was in your shoes once. Through personal development and trial and error, I learned how to lead my team with tremendous success and identified those particular managerial tactics that worked for me and others I taught this to. In this course, I will share these proven methods with you. Whether you were promoted into a manager role internally or you are a first-time manager in a new workplace, this course will teach you how to take action and become a better leader. You will be introduced to a set of management skills and techniques that every great leader owns. You will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate in an engaging and effective manner, to motivate people; and how to work with different types of personalities. The goal is to show you can create an inspiring team environment. You will be provided with interactive exercises that will help you understand leadership and master tactics to use in specific work scenarios. After completing this course you will be able to find your managerial path, shape your work environment, motivate your team, face challenges with the utmost confidence, and most importantly, be the leader that your team will be happy to follow. So it’s time to take the leap and dive into how to become a fantastic leader for your team.

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Course overview - 11

  • Taking the Leap: Becoming a Manager

  • Understanding Leadership/ Part 1

  • Understanding Leadership/ Part 2

  • Understanding Leadership/ Part 3

  • Understanding Culture

  • Labels in the Workplace

  • I vs You- Having Difficult Conversations

  • Giving Feedback

  • Giving Effective Praise

  • How to Say "No"

  • Understanding Personality Styles

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Phil CicioProfessional and Personal Development Trainer
Phil Cicio, author and founder of SUCCESS thINC, is an authority in the area of personal growth and professional development as well as business leadership training and consulting. With 20 years of experience and certified as a High Performance Coach, Phil has dedicated his life to helping individuals; teams and organizations create the results they want.   His company SUCCESS thINC helps individuals and business owners in all areas of practice get better results in performance and profitability through comprehensive personal growth and leadership training programs.   Phil works with individuals, small businesses and large corporations, helping them achieve results through improving the results of their people. Phil offers a number of programs both in person and online, in half-day, full-day and customized formats for large and small groups, personalized coaching, mastermind groups, in-house corporate training, keynotes and more. The key to Phil’s success is, instead of altering business systems and processes, Phil works with a company's most valuable asset - their people! Phil helps people "Close the gap between where they are and where they want to be! We transform mundane business topics into compelling life lessons.