Stress management- understand and reduce your stress

By Theresa Gerstein, Social worker, MSW

Language: English

This course is for you

Everyone experiences stress. Would you like to learn more about why we experience stress, how stress impacts our lives, and how to minimize the negative and maximize the positive in your life? This course is an introduction to stress management and is not intended to be a substitute for therapy, but you will leave with ideas on how to improve your life.

Course overview - 8

  • Introduction to stress management

  • Stress and your brain

  • Causes of stress, internal vs external

  • Four areas stress impacts

  • Ways to manage your stress

  • Subjective units of distress and a plan to manage

  • Support networks and gratitude add to your resilience

  • Wrap-up and conclusion

Meet your instructor

Theresa Gerstein
Theresa GersteinSocial worker, MSW
Everyone deals with stress. I’ve been studying stress for the last few years and researching how we can best learn to deal with every day stress. What is offered here is not meant to be a substitute for therapy, however you can learn how to begin implementing small changes that will have a big impact on your life.