By Hans Weemaes, Managing Director - Environmental Consultancy

Strategic Management - 101 - What is Strategy

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This is a 45 min lesson about “What is Strategy” There are a lot of terms and buzz words in the world of strategy. You migh be familiar with Red oceans, Blue Oceans. How about Value Curves, Niche Strategy, Diversification, Ambidexterity, Synergies, VRI Resources, Core competences, strategic agilty.    Confused? I bet you are.  This Session consist of 15 lectures with the focus on “What is Strategy, and aims to demystify some of these concept.   - It Brings you up to date with the most well known concepts- No-nonsense and straight to the point - From Theory to Practice- Become better than 90% of all business professionals This is particularly relevant for people that want to be able to think like senior executives! Who is the target audience? ·      Future Leaders in organisations ·      Prospective MBA students. ·      People interested in entering the field of strategy. ·      If you’d like to start thinking like a CEO, and gain more responsibility or add project management skills into your current role. ·      All Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers and high potential employees. About me: My name is Hans Weemaes. I started his career as at a global retail and investment bank, where he worked as a project manager. I am currently a visiting professor at Yonsei Business school where I teach: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Business and Project Management.    I have an MBA degree, from the London Business School, and  Master in Science degree in business administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I love reading and cycling.  But enough about me.   What will you get at the end.   ·       Provide an overview of Strategic Frameworks ·       Understand why we need strategy. ·       The role of strategy in success of individuals ·       Different levels of Strategy ·       The who-what-how model ·       The understanding of strategic fit.

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Course overview - 14

  • 2. My Approach to Learning

  • 3. Strategic Frameworks

  • 4. Why We need a Strategy

  • 5. Natural Talent vs Career Management (Part 1)

  • 6. Natural Talent vs Career Management (Part 2)

  • 7. Defining Strategy

  • 8. Three Levels of Strategy

  • 9. Common Elements in Successful Strategies

  • 10. Making Choices

  • 11. Who What How Framework

  • 12. What Strategy is Not

  • 13.Business Model Analysis

  • 14. Strategic Fit

  • 15. Summary

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Hans Weemaes
Hans WeemaesManaging Director - Environmental Consultancy
Effective business leader, goal-oriented, strategic, and entrepreneurial. Energized by concepts and ideas. Able to solve complex business problems through strategic analysis and lateral thinking. Turns ideas into practical outcomes. Confident, articulate, and professional speaking experience. Ability to inspire people. A 16-year international career with last 6 years in Asia.