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By Chester Sky, Music Producer, Soundtrack Composer, Entertainer

Standup Comedy Complete: The Ultimate Guide To Writing and Performing Jokes

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Course description

Perform humorous public speaking

Want to give performances that are entertaining, memorable, and influential? Why not learn from people whose job it is to give funny speeches? From comedians.

This course breaks down the tools and techniques used in standup comedy so that you too can be funny when giving speeches. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how you can create jokes, humorous public speaking tips, and how to build a comedy act from scratch.

This is a standup comedy theory course…how exactly does comedy and being funny work? But it’s a practical course because everything I teach you I use in my own standup comedy act myself, and you can use these tools right away in your own performances.

This course is different from other courses on public speaking because its focused-on performing comedic material, and the information is broken down into the absolute bare bone essentials. Everything here is practical and to the point.

Learning how to do standup comedy will teach you how to come up with jokes that make people laugh onstage, make you an entertaining humorous public speaker, and give you a sense of confidence.



• Active joke writing: How to come up with funny material about any topic

• Tagging: how to write punchlines


• Passive joke writing: how to write jokes without trying and find inspiration for material

• Comic tools of comedians


• How to write self depreciation jokes

• How to develop a character act

• Bombing: what to do when your jokes don’t work


• How to create your own comedy routine

• How to host a show and perform as a master of ceremony

If you want to learn to do entertaining performances, this course is for you.

Course overview - 15

  • Introduction

  • Why humor matters?

  • The structure of jokes. Active joke writing: coming up with jokes about anything

  • Tagging: coming up with punchlines

  • Passive joke writing: how to come up with jokes without trying

  • Improving jokes: getting bigger laughs

  • Self depreciation: jokes that almost always work

  • Humor Tricks of the Trade

  • How To Come Up With A Character Act

  • Developing a Routine

  • Practicing comedy effectively

  • Getting the most out of your performance

  • Bombing: what to do when your jokes don't work

  • How to host a show or be a master of ceremony

  • Conclusion

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Chester SkyMusic Producer, Soundtrack Composer, Entertainer
Chester Sky is a music producer, composer, and filmmaker. He specializes in creating original music for documentaries, motion picture, television, video games, and advertising campaigns. Experienced in many styles and genres – Orchestral, EDM, Dubstep, Classical, Piano, atmospheric sounds, sound effects, and horror music to name a few. He has produced 7 music albums, and four bestselling 4-star rated online courses with over 5,000 students in 100+ countries worldwide.