Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

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This course covers the basics of sports injuries for the general public. The material is meant to help active individuals, coaches, parents and athletes to understand injuries they may have sustained, the degree of that injury and if it is safe to continue participation. It covers topics of injuries beginning with acute injuries - injuries sustained with one episode of trauma - sprains, strains, contusions, fractures and dislocations. The next category of injuries covered are overuse or chronic injuries including tendonitis, shin splints and plantar fasciitis. The last injuries covered are skin injuries or wounds and what you can do to treat them yourselves. 

Course Overview

  • 1. Acute injuries - Sprains

  • 2. Acute injuries - strains

  • 3. Acute injuries - contusions

  • 4. Acute injuries - fractures

  • 5. Acute injuries - dislocations

  • 6. Chronic or overuse injuries - tendonitis, fasciitis and shin splints

  • 7. Skin injuries

  • 8. Exam