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By Chester Sky, Music Producer, Soundtrack Composer, Entertainer

Soundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films and Video Games

Language: English
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Course description

Compose Epic Music Soundtracks Scores For Film, TV, & Video Games. Master Orchestration With Software. Be A Composer.

Do you want to score epic soundtrack music for films and video games? Compose finished, polished, triumphant orchestral compositions that sweep emotions to new heights?

From the best selling instructor on music producing, comes the Soundtrack Composer Masterclass.

This course will show you how to:

-Use a digital audio workstation to score soundtracks for films and video games

-Apply music theory (the practical stuff you can actually use. With a focus on how to use it rather than memorizing).






-Develop musical ideas from out of thin air. No more music writers block

-How to make scary music

-Orchestrate using software

-Arrange for string instruments

-Create realistic orchestral strings using software

-Create realistic orchestral piano using software

-Create realistic orchestral percussion using software

-Improvise bass guitar melodies

-Score trailers

-Export music from software for musicians to understand and play

-The basics of reading and writing music (only what you need)

-Prepare for working with the film director and game designer

-And much much more…

For the first time, you can harness the full power of an orchestra at your fingertips with the push of a few buttons.

What do you need to get started?

No prior music background is required for this course. This course will cover from complete beginner all the way to advanced techniques.

You don’t need to know how to make music or play an instrument (although it helps)

You just need a desire to create, experiment, and find joy in making music. It’s now possible to learn all the tricks and tools to become a soundtrack composer from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a professional studio or degree to learn to score soundtracks. Everything you need can be done from home on your computer and this course will show you how.

Have fun, experiment, and make lots of music. See you inside!

Who this course is for:

-Anyone who wants to compose music for soundtracks no matter what level of technical skill or musical background.

-Musicians and composers who want to see how music theory can actually be applied in real life scenarios. This is not a course about memorizing random music theory, its a course about inventing music for the practical professional.

-Film Directors and Game Designers who want to understand how music composers can enhance their productions and/or do it themselves.

Related Skills

Course overview - 33

  • Trailer

  • Film Music With Just Two Chords

  • Motifs, Themes, and Analysis of Time (Inception Theme song)

  • Leitmotifs

  • Major and Minor

  • Which DAW Should I Use

  • Using Modes

  • Using Modes

  • Getting FL Studio

  • First Song In FL Studio

  • Channel Rack

  • First Song With the Piano Roll

  • Piano Roll Overview

  • Mixing Overview

  • Installing External Plugins

  • Recording Audio and Midi

  • Exporting Your Song

  • Recommended Orchestral Plugins

  • String Arranging

  • Case Study

  • Making Realistic Strings

  • Articulations and Expression For Strings, Woodwinds, and Brass Instruments

  • Orchestral Percussion

  • Making Realistic Piano

  • Make Interesting Bass Guitar Melodies

  • Scoring Scene by Scene

  • Scoring Trailers

  • Case Study Scoring The Course Trailer

  • Working with the Director and Game Designer

  • Exporting Sheet Music for Musicians (MuseScore)

  • Reading and Writing Sheet Music

  • CPU Optimization (Remove Lagging)

  • Conclusion

Meet your instructor

Chester SkyMusic Producer, Soundtrack Composer, Entertainer
Chester Sky is a music producer, composer, and filmmaker. He specializes in creating original music for documentaries, motion picture, television, video games, and advertising campaigns. Experienced in many styles and genres – Orchestral, EDM, Dubstep, Classical, Piano, atmospheric sounds, sound effects, and horror music to name a few. He has produced 7 music albums, and four bestselling 4-star rated online courses with over 5,000 students in 100+ countries worldwide.