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By Otto Schwarz, Composer

Sound Therapy: Full Certification Course

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Course description

This is a unique and rare course with a huge spectrum of knowledge in the sphere of sound & music therapy as well as related areas of knowledge. You will have a deep view on the history, essence, ancient and modern sound therapy methods and approaches - both Western and Eastern. You'll get a lot of exercises for self-developent and self-healing, and practical tools to provide a sound therapy session to your clients. No prior sound therapy or sound production experience is required, as we will explore the universe of sound therapy from the beginning. However, experienced professionals will also find a lot of useful information and closed techniques to improve their practice. Why is it worth studying this course? 1. You will get all-in-one package reveals both Western and Eastern approaches for sound therapy. I learned a lot from the Western scientists. We will talk concerning brainwaves and how did music and sounds affects brain functions. We will talk regarding vibration medicine and wave genetics, performance and improvisation therapy methods, and many more. I also traveled a lot to India and China, and learned about their ancient methods. I will reveal these methods, approaches and ideas to you. So now, you do not need to spend ages collecting the information around the world and gathering practical tools one by one. You are able to get it here in one place. 2. The course is certificated by one of the leading private music schools. You will be able to start your practical journey as a sound therapy consultant and provide harmonizing services to make a therapeutic effect on a person (client).

3. Self-development. You will get many exercises and practical tools to use them on a daily basis in your own emotional, mental and spiritual development. 4. The price of the cource is 5 to 10 times less than of the most of sound therapy courses in Europe. You may get a better course for a better price. Knowledge needs to be shared (the law of energy circulation), and the best pay is the confidence that your abilities will unfold. I invite you on an amazing journey that will allow you to take a fresh look at the world around and significantly increase your awareness and knowledge base.

* Important! The Certificate of Completion is issued directly by Otto Schwarz. Grinfer is not responsible for the issuance, accuracy, and possibility of further use of such a certificate. To receive the certificate after completing the course, please follow the instructions in the last lesson.

Course overview - 25

  • Sound is a universal language

  • Ecology of Sound

  • Sound in the world traditions and religions

  • Psychology & Spirituality in Music

  • The Music of the Spheres

  • Acoustics and perception

  • East and West: what’s the difference?

  • Western Methods: frequencies, vibroacoustic, brainwaves, wave genetics, etc.

  • Brainwaves and Rhythms

  • Future of Vibration Medicine (bioresonance diagnosis)

  • Eastern Methods: Sound in traditional spiritual and religious practices

  • Planetary Sound Healing

  • Sound Therapy in China, Tibet and India

  • Sound, Magnetic Fields & Essential Oils

  • Myths

  • Dance Therapy

  • Sound Geometry

  • Exercise 1. The Free Flow

  • Exercise 2. The Listener

  • Exercise 3. Associative Image

  • Exercise 4. A Glass of Water

  • Exercise 5. Synesthesia

  • Exercise 6. Musical Portrait

  • Exercise 7. Sound Experience Levels

  • Working with Client

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Meet your instructor

Otto Schwarz
Otto SchwarzComposer
Otto K. Schwarz is a well-known sound designer, sound therapy researcher and composer. For more than 10 years he had been studied sound therapy, collecting knowledge both in the West and countries of the East. Otto has written music for several films, including the latest one with W. Baldwin showed during the 74th Cannes film festival. His music album "A Living Flow" became the iTunes Top 10 in October 2020 (neoclassical music category). He's also a co-founder of LFO.Store - one of the leading European sound design companies; and Syngeneia - a recording label that releases music for sound therapy, meditation and relaxation.