By Seema Pradhan, Trainer

SOLID Simplified - Software Design Fundamentals

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Course description

- Have you found yourself losing interest mid-way on a book on software design that you once started with a lot of enthusiasm? - Have you wished to strengthen your software design foundation but never found enough time to understand it in detail? - Have you struggled in understanding design patterns? - Have you gone through SOLID principles but can not still clearly distinguish among them? This course addresses all the above issues: - It is a 1.5 hours comprehensive guide delivered with crystal clear communication.   - The diagrams and the visual effects keep you focused and interested throughout the course. - It is not just the speaker but also the content that talks to you!

Do not let the duration and colorful appearance of the training allow you to think that the content is not deep enough. In fact even the software architects and most experienced developers will immensely benefit as the training covers aspects of the SOLID principles that are not readily available. This also lays a strong base for you to understand design patterns as most of the design patterns are based on these principles.

Who this course is for: - Experienced software developers - Aspiring and Junior software architects

Course overview - 32

  • Section 1: Intro

  • Background

  • Section 2: Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

  • SRP - Consequences

  • SRP - Solution

  • SRP - Only for Class?

  • SRP - Conclusion

  • SRP - Quiz questions

  • Section 3: Open Closed Principle (OCP)

  • OCP - Consequences

  • OCP - Solution

  • OCP Compliance

  • OCP - Conclusion

  • OCP - Quiz

  • Section 4: Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)

  • LSP - Consequences

  • LSP - More Violations

  • LSP - Solution

  • LSP - Conclusion

  • LSP Quiz

  • Section 5: Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)

  • ISP - Consequences

  • ISP - Solution

  • ISP - Comparison with Other Principles

  • ISP - Conclusion

  • ISP Quiz

  • Section 6: Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)

  • DIP - Consequences

  • DIP - Back to Definition

  • DIP - Solution

  • DIP - Conclusion

  • DIP Quiz

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A highly analytical and structured professional who takes pride in breaking down complex topics into simpler, understandable parts. Holds an M. Tech degree in Computer Science and has 18+ years of corporate experience in software industry which has helped her acquire deep knowledge in topics ranging from software development, design, architecture, test to requirement engineering and project management. Seema blends her visually interesting presentations with her crisp and clear communication. Her passion to explain the technically complex topics in a simple manner completely engages the participants. She ensures that the participants are able to easily apply the acquired knowledge back to the projects through interesting, real-life, project-specific exercises, quizzes and assessments. Seema is certified as a Siemens Software Architect, SAFe agilist, SAFe PO/PM, IREB-FL and IATD “Train the Trainer”