Simplified Social Media Marketing

By Allison Stewart, Social Media Marketing + Business Consultant

Language: English

This course is for you

Social media marketing is one of the hardest things many business owners tackle, and our current sociopolitical environment makes it even harder to master.  Instead of fruitlessly chasing the algorithm, slow down and figure out what you need social media to do for you - and how you can actually make it work simply and effectively.

Course overview - 4

  • Part 1: Increasing revenue through Social Media Marketing

  • Part 2: Building local community through SMM

  • Part 3: Purpose - what makes you and your business different

  • Part 4: Homework

Meet your instructor

Allison Allison
Allison StewartSocial Media Marketing + Business Consultant
Allison Stewart Bishins has an eclectic background in  marketing, non profit outreach, community relations, urban planning, writing, editing, land use, transportation policy and environmental issues. Allison's work focuses on how to use free social media tools to create lasting connections within your community, to help your business be sustainable within a strong local economy.  Allison has a BA in Political Science from UNC and an MSc in City Design and Social Science from LSE.