Shortest and Powerful Tai Chi Course

By Orpheus B, Qigong & Tai Chi Senior Teacher

Language: English

This course is for you

Simple and profound Tai chi course for beginners or advanced students, Yang style eight steps Tai chi Chuan.

This Shortest Tai chi Chuan flow gives you a beautiful way to practice your body and mind, in a short and percise way. This 8 steps flow is designed for you to quickly memorize, and start practicing Tai-chi , the most esoteric art of movement. You will gain so much from this course, on the physical level to the mental and spiritual levels. The names of the movements will remind you how to move, and if you need, take notes on the flow of the steps, so you can remember it better. Tai Chi chuan is also considered a Self defense form, and once you learn the movements to completion and follow them in a fast way, you will see how they can be applied as a self-defense mechanism. Enjoy, learn, be persistent with practice, and you will gain the real benefits of Tai chi. Blessings.

Course overview - 22

  • Introduction

  • About Me

  • About This Course

  • History of Tai Chi

  • Health Benefits

  • Important Points To Focus

  • Opening Step

  • Second Step - Ball of Energy

  • WIndow to the Sky

  • Hands Wave Like Clouds

  • Static Clouds

  • Brush Water Push Mountain

  • Static Push Mountain

  • Parting Wild Horses Mane

  • Static Parting Hands

  • Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg

  • Static Rooster Posture

  • Cutting Slide

  • Static Cutting Slide

  • Ending Posture

  • Full Sequence With Instructions

  • Full Sequence With Music

Meet your instructor

Orpheus B
Orpheus BQigong & Tai Chi Senior Teacher
Healer and Inspirational guide, Orpheus B, began his journey 22 years ago with the art of Tai-Chi. Since, he gained knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy healing, internal exercises and Mind practices. Orpheus learnt with many wise and great teachers around the world, and developed his own unique style of healing. 
He combines nowadays medicine from east to west, including shamanic practices and sub-conscious healing. Orpheus runs a spiritual sanctuary in Costa Rica and teaches worldwide. Orpheus preaches PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY (PS) - bringing down to earth Spiritual practices by a structure of five keys to health & Balance. Orpheus goal is to bring light, balance, joy and open hearts among all. “The Goal is to be happy and enjoy life. However, if something holds us back or causing pains and discomfort, one cannot find real happiness. Hence, treat yourself well and find the tools that works for you, on the way to enlightment.” Orpheus B. Skills and Styles of Healing: • Acupuncture (TCM) • Shamanic Acupuncture – a journey into higher consciousness • Energy Channel Massage – Shiatsu / Tuina / Acupressure / Remedial /Energy Qi Massage • Energy healing – Reiki & Qi gong, opening & clearing energy blocks from the body • Tai chi Chuan – Meditation in Motion • Qi-gong – Energy exercise. Boost Kidneys function. Increase vitality • Life style consultation – Taoist based (5 Elements ) • Soul Journey / Shamanic Journey

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