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Learn how to shoot professional-looking video with your own DSLR or mirrorless camera. In this class, I will show you that you don't need expensive equipment to make an incredible looking video with your camera. I will show you all kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques that professional filmmakers use to make every shot they take look incredible. THE PROBLEM So you're on a holiday trip or having a nice event and you want to create a nice video of that. You saw the videos on youtube and want to create something that is just as cool as that to share on your social media or with your friends.You're doing the best job you can to capture everything that your eyes spotted and you're ready to create an incredible video impression. But when you're done and sitting in front of your computer it is not what you expected. The footage is boring, sometimes a bit too shaky and it looks like everybody could have done that. Then this course is what you need to make your videos look super professional and incredible. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? First, you will learn how to use your camera in full manual mode so you can decide for yourself how the picture that you're creating will look. After that we will talk about shooting the videos itself, what about the framing, and how do professionals present their subjects inside of their screen. Also, how do you move your camera while you're filming to make it look professional? Which small tricks can you use to spice up your video and blow people's minds?To top it off we will talk about some important things you can't forget like lighting or audio and the use of other gear. ALL IN ONE PACKAGE My goal with this class was to create an all in one package for the person that wants to make awesome looking video but does not yet understand which steps are needed to spice up their video.I want to give people enough information that they understand all the necessary things that are needed to know what they're doing and can create something awesome when holding the camera, also at the end of this course you will be excited to learn way more about videography. FOR WHO IS THIS COURSE? This course is made for everyone that wants to learn how to shoot incredible looking video.Maybe you're starting your own filmmaking business. Maybe you want to create awesome social media content. Maybe you're a photographer that wants to learn more about making videos. Everybody that wants to create professional-looking video with their camera is welcome. WHAT DO I NEED? NOTHING, you can start this course to gather all the information, but I can recommend that you put things immediately in action and for that owning a DSLR/SLR or mirrorless camera is recommended. EXPERIENCED TEACHER As a filmmaker and YouTuber myself I know what kind of things you need to know to make incredible looking videos, but more importantly, what kind of things are not as important to learn at the beginning of your video making journey. I found my passion for video in 2009 when I started making comedy youtube videos. After a couple of years, I found my passion for filmmaking and I started sharing my filmmaking knowledge online in 2015. This is where I really fell in love with teaching and learning. That's why now I'm trying to make complete masterclasses to teach people all the lessons I learned when working for clients and being a YouTuber. I'm convinced I made the perfect package for everyone that wants to start shooting professional-looking video. Feel free to check the course out and I hope to see you inside.

Course overview - 21

  • Which type of camera do you need?

  • Which lens? Zoom lens vs prime lens

  • Which Resolution and frame rate should you use?

  • 3 important settings: Shutter speed

  • 3 important settings: Aperture

  • 3 important settings: ISO

  • 3 important settings: How to choose

  • Framing: Rule of thirds

  • Framing: Shot types (wide, medium, close)

  • Camera movements: Handheld Stabilisation

  • Camera movements: Do’s and don’ts

  • Shooting tricks: creating depth

  • Shooting tricks: In camera transitions

  • Shoot with a result in mind

  • Don’t forget: Audio

  • Don’t forget: Lighting

  • Other gear: A basic tripod

  • Other gear: A handheld camera rig

  • Other gear: A gimbal and a slider

  • The post production proces

  • Congratulations, what’s next?

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Joey Bettenbroek
Joey BettenbroekTeaching Filmmaking
Hi, I'm Joey. I think everybody can be a filmmaker. No matter where you live, how much money you have, what kind of gear you have or how smart you are. That's why I share my tips and tricks for filmmaking. I want to share EVERYTHING I know to shoot amazing looking videos with your own camera, for yourself, or start working for others. I've been making videos since 2011 when I started my first YouTube channel. By making silly comedy sketches on this channel I found my passion for being behind the camera and making the video itself. I went to film school but I got kicked out of it because I was already too busy focusing on video clients and following my own path. In 2015 I started a new YouTube channel where I reviewed tech products and camera gear. This grew to a channel with more than 20.000 subscribers, 4 million total views and amazing collaborations with, for example, LG, Aperture lighting, Sony and GoPro. But I couldn’t fulfill my filmmaking needs on this channel. That is how ShootThatVideo was born. Besides working for clients I still wanted to make my own content about filmmaking so I can share online everything I learned, which I have experience with since 2013. I love how I can help and inspire people to be creative with video to this day through the world wide web.