By Amaro Araujo, International Key Account Manager,

Sell value instead of price

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This course is about the two sides of the balance - Price and value - to leverage your skills as a sales manager. Price is the financial reward for your product or service and value is what your customer believes it is worth for them. Find or leverage your unique value propositions. Understand the concept of the value and shift your discussions towards value instead of pure price. In this course, you'll see practical examples, differentiators, and how you can leverage your products or services to move from a "Vending" position to a "strategic partner" position. Customers will always push you to price discussions. Your role is to manage that diversion. In this course, you'll have the insights and tools on how to do that. This training is a masterclass on the topic and will help you in your commercial role: sales negotiation and closing deals. Developing skills is the best investment you can make with your money, so join the course now and enhance your career in sales.

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Course overview - 6

  • Introduction

  • What is value (concept and levels)

  • Why value selling falls short, how can you mitigate

  • Optimizing your proposal

  • Powerful scenes of proposals, negotiation and deal closing

  • Bonus Lecture & support material

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Amaro Araujo
Amaro AraujoInternational Key Account Manager,
Author of the books "sales is my passion" and "Career Path Compass" I am a six languages speaker and international sales executive with extensive experience in international and multicultural environments. Passionate about life, entrepreneurship, curious mind, dreamer, public speaker, and writer Regular publisher in Linkedin, Quora, and Medium I have high customer and Stakeholder focus, excellent negotiation skills, and management of portfolios, over-delivering my targets. - Excellent interpersonal skills managing relationships with involved key stakeholders and customers - Flexible, accepting change and adapting quickly to new environments or strategies - Multicultural mindset and experience - Sales "hunter" and "farmer" with high-level negotiation skills - Enthusiastic and energetic with a calm pace. - Diversity & Inclusiveness promoter Consultant works/freelance: Helping startups and mid-size companies scale up sales, build sales teams, define market positioning, route to markets and/or internationalization.