Secret Tricks to Pouring Acrylic Paint

By Nancy Reyner, Professional Fine Art Painter

Language: English [CC: English]

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Learn to Achieve Special Painting Effects with Acrylic Pouring
Learn all about a hot new craze for acrylic painters called Pouring! Successfully master all the tips and tricks to cell pouring, create rich color fields, embed objects into acrylic paintings, unusual layering techniques, apply clear coatings, create marbleized effects, pour transparent glazes, imitate enamel, and add refraction to illuminate your colors to glow like gems.
Sound complicated? It’s not! Enjoy easy explanations and clear demonstrations from acrylic painter and professional artist Nancy Reyner. All without the use of toxic resins. These techniques are perfect for both fine art and craft painters for a wide range of special effects. Discover many innovative contemporary painting effects, all obtained through pouring acrylic paint.
All styles and levels of experience will benefit. Some experience with acrylic paint is helpful, as pouring is best accomplished with acrylic.

Course overview - 5

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction, Preparation & Supplies

  • Chapter 2 – Cell Pouring

  • Chapter 3 – Pouring a Glossy Layer

  • Chapter 4 – Deep Pours & Embedding

  • Chapter 5 – More Cool Pouring Techniques

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