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By Máté Vörös, 3D Artist, Digital sculptor

Sculpt And Paint Your First Cartoon Character Head In Zbrush

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Course description

Zbrush is the most professional 3D software suitable for creating 3D models of any kind. Stylized cartoon characters give you  tons of opportunities! After making one in Zbrush, you can 3D print them, use them in your video game engine or just make a badass 3D reder of them!  Also, they are easy to make and they help you to learn all the basic tools of Zbrush! Stylized cartoon characters look fantastic in film productions too, they are in every  Pixar or Dreamworks animation films. Now you can learn how to make your very own stylized cartoon character design! During the course you will: Learn the basics of Zbrush, the most powerful 3D software on the market Learn how to paint cartoon style eyes Learn how to build a stylized cartoon character head from zero Get access to a private Facebook group where you will get a lot of useful resources day to day and you can connect with other 3D artists Make your own custom brushes in Zbrush Follow my beginner Zbrush course and create your own stylized cartoon head design with me! Even more, create your own versions and share it with me and the others! This is a beginner Zbrush course, I will start from the really basics of Zbrush and teach you all the tools you need to make your first stylized cartoon head. I will go slowly explaining all the tools, but if you miss something, or have a question, feel free to ask! :)

Course overview - 28

  • Introduction

  • Downloading Zbrush

  • Downloading The Cartoon Head Reference Images

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Drawing Table or Mouse?

  • Zbrush Basic Tour

  • Import our reference image

  • Setup for sculping

  • Dynamic Subdivision Feature of Zbrush

  • Save The Position Of The Mesh Behind The Reference

  • Building The Base Of The Head

  • Blocking Out The Ears

  • Creating The Eyes

  • Blocking Out The Eyelids

  • Download This Custom Brushes For The Eye Painting

  • Painting The Eyes

  • Building The Basic Shape Of Hair

  • Add Detail To The Hair

  • Shaping The Hair

  • Blocking Out The Glasses

  • Creating The Nose

  • Making The Eyebrows

  • Adjust The Shape Of The Head

  • Blocking Out The Mouth

  • Merging The Hair Together

  • Merging The Head Parts Together

  • Make The Mouth Substraction Permanent

  • Congratulations, Your Cartoon Head Is Done!

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Meet your instructor

Máté Vörös
Máté Vörös3D Artist, Digital sculptor
I am 3D artist, digital sculptor. I am sculpting characters, creatures and 3D assets for 3D printing or digital purposes using Zbrush. As a digital sculptor I was involved in the creation of several board game, tabletop game and video game projects. I am here to help you to unleash your creativity. If you have any questions, please ask!