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Scrum & DevOps – Building bridges not walls

By Will Jeffrey, Agile Leadership Trainer

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it's quite common I get a question from someone in the agile community, "Should I use Scrum or DevOps?". This question deserves attention because of the motivation to choose DevOps over Scrum. People want to go with DevOps over Scrum because they want to be agile but they can't change their organisation. Many people in the agile community whom I've interacted with think that DevOps is only about toolings for continuous delivery. Both Scrum and DevOps have been proven to work, so bringing the thinking together from both will only make the teams better. We should stop thinking of a development team as working in one way and the operations teams working in a different way,. By using Scrum together with DevOps, we believe that lines of communication can open even more broadly and through the exact nature of Scrum being empirical, teams can keep learning, adapting and improving. We cannot let delivery get stagnant, we must keep improving and that is a big part of bringing DevOps and Scrum together. Purpose of this course: learn how to integrate Scrum and DevOps. - Why Scrum is not enough to meet today’s challenges - What DevOps means to us - How we have blended Scrum and DevOps to the benefit of both.

What you'll learn: - The 6 Scrum Principles - How to expand team cross-functionality - How to take advantage of XP Practices like Pair-Programming, Refactoring, First-Test approach, and Continuous Integration - The Three Ways of DevOps - The Value Stream & Flow based model - How to improve the Scrum flow using DevOps

Who this course is for: - IT Managers, Directors or Team Leads - Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches - Application Developers and Managers - IT Operations Staff and IT Stakeholders - Product Owners - Anyone looking to expand Agile DevOps practices

Requirements for this course are: - Have Basic information about agile software development processes (Scrum in particular) - Knowledge of basic project management concepts is desirable - A basic understanding of software development life-cycle would be helpful

Resources: - The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations - Gene Kim - DevOps ‘Secret Sauce’ eBook - Devops Institute - The Scrum guide - ScrumOps -

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Will JeffreyAgile Leadership Trainer
I have been an enterprise agile coach and leadership development facilitator for the past 20 years. I have trained & coached hundreds of professionals, including senior leaders in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies, to accelerate their impact and influence, and grow into their next-level of authentic and inspired leadership.