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About This Course Do you want to progress in your Sales Management role? Are you seeking more recognition for your input, greater rewards for your application and the future security you dream of? Are you managing right now but really want to do better and get noticed with your current employer? Well then, you've come to the right place. If you are really serious about learning how to hone your Management skills and pushing your business to the very top then this course offers guaranteed outcomes! Guiding you on your journey to greatness is our highly skilled and motivating expert, Ben Kench, author of the best selling 'Selling For Dummies' (UK) and a life-long servant to all things sales. Throughout this course, he shares over 40 years of experience and many hard-knocks that have taught him valuable lessons. Ben is 'the real deal' and this valuable course is packed with hugely powerful ideas. If you wish to have an exciting, successful and vibrant career as a progressive sales manager, then this is the course for you. Apply these ideas and your success is as good as guaranteed! What Will You Learn On This Course? Ben will not only share numerous tips and exercises throughout this course but he will make the lecture learnings relevant to you and your business. Sharing his vast experience along with a genuine passion for people, Ben will encourage you to push yourself and stretch your sales management skills. Always from a 'human' perspective, he'll help you develop your management prowess and your team so that the end results are tremendously rewarding in terms of both 'growth' and 'achievement'. With an energetic and lively approach, Ben will share skills, ideas and suggested actions so that you truly develop YOU! Let's face it, the satisfaction you get when you've stretched up and grown to another level when all around you your boss and team colleagues alike see the difference. That feeling is incredible and that's what Ben pushes you to do with this course. On this course you will learn: - Planning To Win - Success starts with considering all the right things for your business and covering all management planning bases - Task Measurement - Learn what to measure and identify the difference between good and outstanding - Managing The Mix - We are not all the same and so learning to identify and manage a mixed team is crucial in today's world! - Developing Your Team - Keeping your people going is only half of the story, growing them is where your success lies. - Maintaining Disciplines - Mixed teams means mixed emotions and moods. Learn how to manage with discipline is critical to avoid chaos. - Meetings And Feedback - Discover the best approach for saying what needs to be said and learn how to do so with consideration to ensure growth and harmony.

By the end of this course you'll know: - How to inspire your team so that even when the going gets tough the team stick together - The small ’tweaks’ you can make to your style to see a significant increase in results - When and how showing a little compassion can set you on the road to greatness - How to use the power of understanding and listening to create a super-glue that bonds your team - How to look after the ‘smaller' things now in order to dramatically shape your success in the years to come - How to cultivate 'peace of mind' and mindful 'calmness' to set you apart from other managers and ground you on your Sales Leadership success journey

Who Is This Course For? This course is specially created for those currently in a Sales Manager's role and for those who aspire to grow to become a Sales Leader. You may be an established, experienced manager looking to develop your leadership skills, someone new to a management role looking for practical help to fulfil your role, or a 'rising star’ or ambitious individual who wants to improve your career prospects and prepare and equip yourself for a future senior management or leadership role.

Course overview - 10

  • Introduction: Planning To Win

  • Lecture: Task Measurement

  • Lecture: Managing The Mix

  • Exercise: Managing The Mix

  • Lecture: Developing Your Team

  • Exercise: Developing Your Team

  • Lecture: Managing Disciplines

  • Lecture: Meetings And Feedback

  • Exercises: Meetings And Feedback

  • Conclusion

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